Gaming's Most Angriest Characters

Everyone gets angry; most people just keep it to themselves. You may occasionally snap at a co-worker or go home and weep into a pillow, but you rarely take action. This list concerns those who do - the characters who allay their rage with violent fury. And there's a difference between anger and villainy. You might think folk like Dr Robotnik or Liquid Snake should be on this list, but they're more evil than angry. It celebrates those whose blood boils and veins pop.

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MintBerryCrunch2672d ago

i dont think you can get more pissed off than Kratos has been

SilentNegotiator2672d ago

Except maybe my inner Grammar Nazi reading "Most Angriest"

rabidpancakeburglar2672d ago

Raging Raven was the one that popped straight into my head. I wouldn't say that tony montana was too angry, maybe just a bit grumpy.

ATi_Elite2672d ago

What about Akuma from Street Fighter series? I always thought he was angry!!

xenophage2672d ago

I think Asura from Asura's Wrath may make that list. That dude looks pissed.

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