PS3 version RAGE mandatory install revealed

After Carmack revealed the recommended installation size of the Xbox 360 version of RAGE ( 21-22GB! ), gamers wondered how big the mandatory install size would be for the PS3.

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Nitrowolf22502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

wow 8GB. So is this mandatory as in you must install it full right away or is it Mandatory like fallout 3 where it installs as it plays (with small install on start)?

dc12502d ago

Its not that bad. The 360 install is rumored to be around 20+ as it’s a really big game. Either way if this game lives up to the hype; 360 and PS3 fans should jump on it (if space permits).

xPhearR3dx2502d ago

Yea but the difference here is, The 360 20+GB install is completely optional and will never be needed in order to play the game. If you don't have 8GB left on your PS3, you ain't playing RAGE until you do.

fluffydelusions2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Not sure why the 2 posts above me have disagrees for stating fact. Odd. OT, 8gb isn't bad. I've installed bigger lol.

FriedGoat2502d ago

2 words, Personal Computer.

Biggest2502d ago

The 360 install isn't mandatory. Changing disks is. I wonder what is going on with Rage that makes for such a large install though. The entire game on the 360 is close to 20G. How can a mandatory install be damn near half that?

egidem2502d ago

How the hell is units and xPhearR3dx getting disagrees????

Correct me if I'm wrong but no game on the Xbox 360 requires a mandatory installation. If they did, then every Xbox 360 would ship with a hard drive.

The rage installation is OPTIONAL on the 360. It is NOT MANDATORY. The 20+ GB is just the total of all disc games. If for example you have 1 GB left on the 360 hard drive, you CAN play Rage without installing it. If however you have 1GB left on your PS3, you won't be able to play because the installation here is MANDATORY and an 8 GB or more space is required.

KingSlayer2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I want the game to perform its best. I give a shit what platform it's on. If an install is the way to go, install it is. So, pop in and play (while taking a performance hit) is better than installing 8GB, but multiple discs is ok?

dc12502d ago

Thanks for the clarity XPhear and Units.
I wasnt aware of that.

kingdoms2502d ago

The total size of the game isn't much different if at all on both platforms for those that keep mentioning the size of all 3 discs on the 360 version. PS3 often needs the whole game or part of the game installed as a requirement. Probably texture streaming off the HDD etc plus loading etc

DarkTower8052502d ago

@ friedgoat, don't you have to install the game in pc as well?

MaxXAttaxX2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

John Carmack said he RECOMMENDS the 22GB install on 360. And when he recommends something, you do it! lol

Virus2012502d ago

I like how you attempted to make the 360 out to have a worse installation then the ps3. The 360's install isn't mandatory.

gaden_malak2502d ago

My god, who gives a crap.

You don't have 8GB on PS3, you don't play it.
You lose a disk on 360, you don't play it.

Settled? Both consoles have downfalls to the methods. You can stop with your console dick measuring contest.

jetlian2502d ago

the reason ps3 is smaller is because MS makes a dev do a full download. In the 90 min video he said he wished MS was allow them to do bits and pieces.

Also most multi disk games don't force you to do every disk! you could just do disk 2 or 3

badz1492502d ago

my god...Borderland is just over 3GB the whole game compared to 20-22GB of RAGE! what is this monstrous thing packed in it? textures? uncompressed audio? Full HD fmv or something? that is just ridiculous!

zeddy2502d ago

@units if you want a smooth experience and not have to swap discs then it is mandatory.

seinfan2501d ago

you still have to swap discs if you install on a 360. I had to with LA Noire.

perdie2501d ago


"I've installed bigger lol"

thats...what...she..said..... ..

NukaCola2501d ago

Well John Carmack said that the game will be best in this order:

PC > 360 installed > PS3 > 360 uninstalled.

The game will run the same across the platforms but you you'll notice things on both that stick out better than the other. The PS3 has an 8gig mandatory but it'll run better than just the 360 version without the install, but if you are like me, I would install the whole damn file and allow the 360 version to run at it's best possible settings and then when you max your achievements, then delete the extra data.

On the install for PS3: The Bluray reads different than the DVD drive. It's slower so multiplat game devs do use the install to allow it to perform the best they can, and in this case it looks like it'll be amazing. 1st party devs have managed to get Uncharted 3 qualiry running with no install at all, but still... Rage looks phenomenal.

starchild2501d ago

Dang, 8GB is a full tenth of my hard drive capacity. Actually, I don't think I even have 8GB left.

I would have to delete stuff if I was going to get this game on the PS3. In this case, though, I am getting Rage for the PC.

With all these huge mandatory installs on the PS3 it's almost like you HAVE to buy and install a new hard drive.

insomnium22501d ago

I'm wondering how many discs will the x360 version have? It's not like the data can be overly compressed to fit on 2 discs since it has to be able to play without an install. 2 DVDs would make the game pretty much unplayable from disc with the pop ins and such right?

Ontopic: 8 Gigs? Pretty much but I have plenty of space on my 250GB slim left. No worries for me.

Solidus187-SCMilk2501d ago

I like how you say if you loose a disk on 360 you cant play it for a downfall, that makes no sense. If you loose the disk for ps3 you loose the entire game, instead of only 1/3, its actually better to loose just 1/3 a game, lol.

But really thats a lame reason anyways and not a drawback of either.

The problem with 360 instal is that it is the whole game and is huge 22 gb that alot of people dont have, but it is optional and will improve performance alot. You could instal all or just 1 disk at a time and change and play off the next disk and then instal after that session. But many will just play off the disk as not everyone has 22gb free, or even 9-10 gb for 1 disk.

Space is less of an issue with the PS3 instal, I delete stuff on both all the time anyways but
the problem with the ps3 mandatory instal is that it is right away and you have to so it first before you play at all. I usually play a new game off the disk, then install on 360. Also, many of my ps3 games dont have any instal at all or they are alot smaller than this 8gb one. You pretty much cant bring this to a friends unless they are cool with waiting for something that isnt COD to install 8 gigs.

I will wait till the comparison sites compare the ps3 with the 8gigs installed to the 360 running off the disk(LOT etc). If its close at all either way I will play it on 360 with it installed.

I would rather just play on PC since I would be installing either console version anyways, but my PC is too old now.

insomnium22501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


Yeah I get what you mean. It is a pretty long time to wait for the install before being able to play but I don't think it's that bad. I usually put the game to install while putting the kids to bed brushing their teeth and all that. If there's NOTHING to do meanwhile it installs I usually let my anticipation grow and browze the little instructionsbooklet through while waiting. I really don't see where there's a problem with mandatory installs on PS3.

If you want to turn it around and say "well people always bash multiple discs on x360" I'm going to tell you that you must've misunderstood the problem with multidiscs. Ill tell you.

There are many games out there that devs will not put on multiple discs. Sportsgames for example or openworld like GTA. Those types of games are limited by the available space on DVD because they will not put them on multiple discs for obvious reasons. THAT'S the problem with x360 and it's DVD drive. That's what I've been telling atleast. On RPG or games like that multidisc is NO PROBLEM AT ALL. You'd have to be a fanboy to say so. Sure it might seem a little last gen with multidiscs but that does NOT limit certain games that they are multidisc. It's games like Tekken or SSF4 or racing games that get problems with multidisc.

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Foxgod2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

360 always installs the full game.
But like others mentioned, its optional.

ExitToExisT2502d ago

8gb mandatory install >> swapping 3-4 discs

cobblestone192502d ago

1- 8GB is not that bad. Ps3's ship with large HDD's for a reason.

2- The 360 has a 22GB install. As Jac5al said:
The 360 install may not be mandatory, but your 360 is going to sound like a jet engine if you don't. Which can shorten the life span of your DVD drive. + longer loading times.

3- You and easily delete stuff off of you Ps3 or upgrade you HDD.

cobblestone192501d ago

Disagrees but no reply? WTF?! You guys, everything in my post is true. Why are you disagreeing with me? o.O

And with no reason/response? So annoying!

Bonobo123452501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

If I just hold my hands over my ears, hopefully these facts won't be true in the morning.....

_Aarix_2501d ago

Your getting disagrees for trashing 360. They dont sound like jets as they used to. The slims are whisper quiet and thats an understatement.

gamingdroid2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

...but if you install the game on the Xbox 360, it will be even quieter than the PS3 with the disc spinning.

Do you know the part that wears out fastest on a console? That's right the moving mechanical spinning disc drive!

It will probably take less time to get you going on Xbox 360 than on the PS3 if you just start with disc 1 only.

So there are benefits too, not just drawbacks. However, I would hardly choose what platform to buy a game for based on the installation size or number of discs. It would be where my friends are, what platform I prefer, controller choice, online network features, the community size and sometimes if the game significantly performs better on one or the other. Yes, the latter do go both ways.

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Me_My2502d ago

8Gigs!!!? Damn that would have never happened on MW3 Thank God Activision is leading the gaming industry.

Colmshan19902502d ago

That's because you can beat the single-player in less than 5 hours, on veteran.
(That is assuming it's the same length as MW2, and not shorter)

MariaHelFutura2502d ago

Personally I've never not bought a game based on the install size. More devs should do them like mgs4 did them.

Nitrowolf22502d ago

Um no that would be a terrible idea and much worse then switching disc.

If you meant it as a one time thing with segments then yes, but MGS4 has you re-install after each chapter

zeddy2502d ago

naa i orefer to just get it out the way at the begining.

seinfan2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

TERRIBLE. I hated that it would wipe away the install for the act you previously played and you'd have to wait there a few minutes. Switching discs would be a faster option. Nitrowolf is right that it would be better as a one time thing with segments.

I wish I had a third bubble! That isn't the limit of the disc itself, though. The read time on the optical lens is slow. Faster Blu-Ray drives are already on the market. PS4 should have an even faster one.

Crazyglues2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

And this is why that 500GB hard drive has been the best thing I ever did to my PS3...

Every new game coming out always seems to have a mandatory install, thank god one day long ago I just said. "you know what let me just put a bigger hard drive and save myself some pain in the future"

and it's been paying off big time, I don't even think about space, I have a lot of games on the hard drive, ME2 and Borderlands, huge games and a lot of installs and I still have like 365gb's of free space...

So this will be no problem...

Highly recommend upgrading that hard drive people, you will not regret it..


gw4k2502d ago


Christopher2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Mandatory or not, I'm going to be very happy to have this installed on my HDD. I'm assuming many people will be similarly happy to have faster load times and less pop-ins on the 360 as well.

Glad Sony didn't limit them to the usual <5GB amount. Would be nice to have the option to install the full game on the HDD, but I assume most of what is left is audio and cutscene data and not texture data.

Installs are only increasing in occurrence in this age of gaming. It seems disc media is never going to be able to keep up with the need to process higher quality graphics.

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gamingdroid2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I'm actually kind of sad they lifted the install size. Personally, I own the MGS4 LE PS3 with a whopping 40GB hard drive.

I can't bring myself to violate my PS3 by opening it and upgrade the hard drive. It is one of my coolest looking consoles in sleek gunmetal grey and supposedly less than 10k of them where made for the US market.

I simply don't have enough hard drive space and this might be a trend moving forward. Also, what about the people with 20GBs PS3?


Christopher2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@gamingdroid: Agreed.

I have the same issue with my 360. I have the old 20GB 360. Now, my choices are to play the game in the manner that greatly increases the chances of a RROD (it's out of warranty) or delete HDD space to install 1 or 2 discs at a time.

This is the main reason I'm primarily a PS3 gamer, because I work to maintain the life of my 360 and I it was cheaper for me to upgrade my HDD to 500GB ($60 sale a few years back) than my 360 HDD or even buying one of the newer 360s which have the RROD issue minimalized.

It is definitely a trend moving forward, as I said above. Disc media is unable to keep up and maintain hardware integrity compared to the ability for higher quality graphical assets to be streamed at a higher rate.

I'm very surprised that the next gen isn't going to be flash card based for game distribution, personally. I do think the next generation will move towards installing more data onto a HDD and a bigger focus on digital distribution in order to circumvent disc media limitations and weaknesses in hardware.

beastgamer2501d ago

This is what I want to know, Why does games like uncharted, god of war, resistance use no install and looks awesome and loads fine. What Sony got some special shit going on?

JsonHenry2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I'm still not sure why so many people complain about having to install a game to the HDD.

And I also laugh at all the people bragging about how they upgraded their HDDs to larger ones or even SSDs. You all have a little bit of a PC gamer in you after all. :)

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firemassacre2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

8gb, that's not bad, at first when i seen the headline i thought it said 21-22 gb! that would be a problem.

ballsofsteel2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

tell that to 40gb owners. luckily i upgraded my HDD but i feel the pain for those who haven't. It was a constant chore having to great space for some of the bigger games. I can deal with 4gb installs but 8 is ridiculous i can't think of a game outside of DC universe that was that high. Infact i downloaded borderlands and it's DLC a few week ago and it doesn't even add up to 8gb

despair2502d ago

yea I suffered through the chore of making space on my 40GB until I finally gave up and installed a 320GB HDD in it. Best decision I ever made.

nycredude2502d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX2502d ago

Delete old game installs, demos and stuff you don't need anymore.

rod_furlong2502d ago

Gamers wondered this? Not this one!

Cajun Chicken2502d ago

WHOA. Jesus. Time to replace my 60gig.

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