A new way of getting enemy dog tags in Battlefield 3

Dog tags are known all to well in the Battlefield franchise and Battlefield 3 will be no different. However, it appears that there is a bit of a difference in how one obtains enemy dog tags this time around with Battlefield 3.

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Fishy Fingers1984d ago

That's not a "new way", it's the same old knife kill with a nice "new animation".

lMHl1983d ago

yeah your right I bet GasTankKiller disagreed with you

Sugreev20011983d ago

@ Fishy Fingers

I was gonna say the same thing.I wish they had the video posted,so we could judge clearly though.

GasTankKiller1978d ago

I don't see how it's the same old knife kill with a new animation. What your saying is that its the same old new way? Isn't that an Oxy Moron?

Skate-AK1983d ago

Yeah thats cool they added a real animation for it.

electricshadow1983d ago

That's so cool! It's the little things. I didn't even notice that in the trailer.

lMHl1983d ago

thats not a new way they just show you ripping them off the guy they have always given you dogtags for knifing guys so its still the old way

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