Battlefield 3's co-op unlocks weapons in multiplayer

If you want to have access to a complete armoury of weapons to take online in Battlefield 3, you're going to have to dive into the game's co-op mode first, DICE has revealed.

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Convas2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Well, I know I'm going to playing Co-Op through with my brother, so I'm DEFINITELY going to be unlocking those weapons.

There'll probably also be achievements/trophies for beating Co-Op as well, so I doubt people will miss out.

e1ace2442d ago

Does your brother have another console? I believe BF3 doesn't support local co-op - only online.

Convas2442d ago

Yeah, he lives in Indiana. I'm talking Co-Op over Xbox Live in general.

deadpoole2442d ago

Mannn ... this game feels like first game ever with the amount of features and stuff they are offering ... every cent paid towards buyin this game is well spent.

lil Titan2442d ago

this is great news since I always play single player and any other modes before i jump online. BF3 does it get any better?...waits for tomorrow

csreynolds2442d ago

Excellent idea - a great incentive to encourage people to play cooperatively as well as competitively.

Dart892442d ago

Looks like my $60 are going to be spent well.

Now if they can confirm that we can use dinosaurs i will be a happy camper:D.

Kee2442d ago

I like co-op. I'd like it even more if I was earning something in it too.

bozebo2442d ago

Hopefully they spread the unlocks out through more than the first hour of gameplay this time. In BC2 you had everything unlocked by level 15 then the only multiplayer progress you could make was ranking up to 50 with no more unlocks :(

Aggesan2442d ago

Actually I think it was more like around lvl 22 you had everything unlocked. And that was only if you had played all the classes to get the class specific unlocks.

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The story is too old to be commented.