More Signs Uncharted Releases Early, Plus First Magazine Review

Via Ripten:

"Tricklings from Gamestop have put little butterflies into the stomachs of would be treasure hunters. Drake's Fortune is listed to release this Thursday! With other retailers following suit, hopefully Uncharted will go the way of the Lombax, and release earlier than expected. In addition to this, we also have the first magazine review from MaxiConsolas, right after a wee little click from your mousey."

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Danja3725d ago

yup good score..I don't think I can agree with the replay value 7.5..?? NAH should be higher ne way...Can't wait for this game

P.S..that picture makes Drake looks gay..what's up with that Postion dude...J/K...

mesh13725d ago

it didnt day any thing about reply value being 7.5 it said longevity 7.5 meaning the game is quite short

Alcohog3725d ago

Longevity when speaking of a videogame would relate to 'replay value'. You are confusing length with longevity.

EZCheez3725d ago

with a picture like that for the story.

Are you guys talking about the game? ;)

games4fun3725d ago

i'd give it a higher score but i haven't played through it yet.

jack who3725d ago

yup Releases Early so you fix all the problems that gona be worng with it later

RadientFlux3725d ago

9.0 not bad... I'll have to see if I can squeeze in Uncharted before my break because once my break comes along I will be owned by Mass Effect.

angel6043725d ago

ur an idiot..anyway i hope it releases early i loved the demo

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The story is too old to be commented.
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