PlayStation Vita Coding & Building Community with PlayStation Network: Presentation slides

slides from Develop in Brighton keynote that happen July 19 -21 2011 lots of new info on Vita in the PDF files

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Cloudberry2470d ago


There's a Monster Hunter & God of War II.........

Nitrowolf22470d ago

That's GOW III, which might mean it will be getting that game

FriedGoat2470d ago

goodness me! the runup to playstation vita launch is getting exciting!

whateva2470d ago

when I was the one who found the PDF & submitted 1st & they used the link that I posted

Beetey2470d ago

I know it can be annoying, but does it really matter? The point of N4G is to inform, not gain popularity.

whateva2470d ago

but it's mostly annoying when you go through all the work of ripping the images from the PDF file & uploading it only to watch your submission go unapproved then see someone else that didn't go through the trouble just post the info that you found & it gets approved like you never posted it, this has happened to me on this site a few times like me posting my videos & people report it as spam then some website take my video & post it then it gets approved

LoneWanderer092470d ago

Am really looking forward to buying my VITA

MasterCornholio2470d ago

Nice looking forward to a god of war game on the Vita