Tales of VS review - a Tales game NA never got (PSLS)

"Sadly for hardcore fans not in Japan, fighting game spinoff Tales of VS is one such game that never made the trip overseas. The four-player fighter lets players select from dozens of Tales characters from most of the franchise’s history, from Tales of Phantasia up through Tales of Hearts, then slug it out." -Heath Hindman for PlayStation LifeStyle

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BigWoopMagazine2676d ago

wow, yuck. Sounds pretty awful...

Redempteur2676d ago

it's not that bad , i played it for 15 hours to unlock extra for my tales of vesperia PS3 save and i enjoyed it's not perfect but it's enough fun when you put CLESS , LYODD , YURI , STAN in the same area brawling ..

it has flaws , it requires lot of time to invest in the system but it's not that bad .

Stealth2k2676d ago

Tales games worth importing are destiny 2, symphonia ps2, tales of the world 2,3. Nariki dungeon 1,2,3. Tales ds 1,2,3


you know rpgs

knifefight2676d ago

Curious: were there some refinements or changes in the PS2 version of Symphonia or is it pretty much the same as the Cube version?

tiffac2676d ago

If I'm not mistaken everyone can do Mystic Arte and more unison combo attacks. Its nothing major like the difference with the 2 ToV versions

Stealth2k2676d ago

Its even more major

"The PlayStation 2 version contains additional features, such as two extra anime cut scenes, several additional optional story scenes and side quests, new monsters, more Techs and Unison Attacks, and additional costumes."

Redempteur2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

list of changes

-Everyone can do mystical artes..
-Everyone has at least one more advanced attack ( presea has 3, regal 2, collette 1, ect ect )
-more unison combos
-some "light" dialogues changes
-The colette hidden selector bug has disapeared ( the attack still works , but it's harder to do )
-more titles
-more costumes
-some ajustments for New game plus
-the "kratos in your party while on zelos path" bug has been fixed

that's all

EDIT: forgot about the anime cutscenes ..

it's not as major as vesperia ( that had to redo several parts of the plots in japanese ) but it's still a improved version

tiffac2676d ago

Oh! thanks for the follow up guys. I didn't knew that.

Now I want the ToS (PS2) version too. X_x

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imoutofthecontest2676d ago

Oh yeah that reminds me that I need to get the Narikiri Dungeon X remake for the PSP.

insertcoin2676d ago

Sometimes things are an import for a reason.

imoutofthecontest2676d ago

Yeah sounds like this game is one that we'll be OK without.

Ni no Kuni, on the other hand....