PlayStation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS: Which one you should buy?

If you’re watching eagerly Sony’s circus for the NGP now official as PlayStation Vita, you’ll see how the Japanese company have been luring attentions for their next generation fully-integrated handheld gaming console. Now the thing is there’s come the classic rivalry with Nintendo obviously. Putting the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on a hype of which handheld gaming console you should buy now?

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SaxScrotumz2473d ago

Venox2008 could not have put it better... BOTH!

Dramscus2473d ago

I'm not sold on the 3ds.
Too many reports of problems with the 3d.
Lack of must have games.
One analogue type thing (did they learn nothing from their competitions psp fiasco)

The DS is still more of a must have than the 3ds which is a sad state of affairs for nintendo.

Maybe in a year or two it'll be worth buying after a bunch of good games come out for it.
And After they release a second version that supports a wider 3d viewing angle.

DualConsoleOwner2473d ago

if you are under 12, 3ds is ok.

if you are over 12, than obviously PS VIta is way to go

BattleAxe2473d ago

If you have no life then get both, and while you're at it buy all three consoles so that you can play every single game known to man, then when the PS4, XBOX 720 and the WiiU come out, buy all those too, then you should also buy an iPad so that you truely have every single thing that can play games on the face of the earth, then and only then you can consider yourself a true gamer.........

Seriously though, PSVita all the way. I don't need more than one handheld, and I don't have time for more than one handheld. A PC, PS3 and a Vita are more than enough for me.

MaxXAttaxX2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

It's up to you to decide which experience you want.

As for me, BOTH are of my taste. But I'll be getting the PS Vita day one.
I'm hoping to get a 3DS in the future as well. The DS had plenty of good games, which is why I had both DS and PSP.
I hope to seem more games at TGS.

lMHl2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )


What if your 12 please DualConsoleOwner tell me which one I should buy please I need your approval im not smart enough to figure it out on my own *frowny face*

farhad2k82472d ago

VITA hands down, this is the same situation as PS3 vs Wii.
The PS3 had SO much more features, so why would you even want to touch the wii?

RedDragan2472d ago

@ DualConsoleOwner + 14h ago - #1.1.2

No, you are half way to being completely wrong!

7 Years and younger and you MUST NOT use the 3D function on 3DS. It is in the manual, it is written on the Nintendo website and it SHOULD be written on a sign in every game store and web store!

The 3D function was discovered to mess up the eye sight of children who are approx the age of 7, and all below.

If you are under 12, PS Vita is SAFE option.

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NeutralGamer2473d ago

Then why are you reading the PSV/3DS articles?

princejb1342473d ago

as much as i love my nintendo ds, even more than my psp
i will be getting the vita, it looks must more promising with 2 analog sticks and the graphical power

zeal0us2473d ago

The one you want to buy instead of letting some editor(s) from site(s) end up changing your mind.

ChozenWoan2473d ago

Forget the editors... I'm gonna decide based on random comments. =)

Knushwood Butt2472d ago

@ Chozen

How about you make your own decision?

Or do you need someone to tell you what to do?

If the latter, be sure to do whatever some worthless hit-hunting game site has to say on the matter.

Ilikegames762472d ago

@Chozen, you forgot the /s as someone doesn't get your sarcasm.

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Optical_Matrix2473d ago

Errrrrrr, I already have a 3DS, and will get Vita on day one as well. So both for me.

NeutralGamer2473d ago

Same here. Already got 3DS and I'll know that some time I'll get Vita.

I am waiting for Kojima to reveal the PS Vita Metal Gear Solid before I buy it.

gumgum992472d ago

because its made by Sony, amirite? :V

MaxXAttaxX2472d ago

Because it's made by Sony? What's wrong with that?

ChickeyCantor2472d ago


Did someone insult daddy?
LOL calm down.

MaxXAttaxX2472d ago

LOL don't come to conclusions. t
That's what I said about 'gumgum99'. Apparently he has a problem with someone wanting a Vita.
I wonder if his attitude would be the same if he said 3DS instead.

newleaf2473d ago

The one you want. Done.

Wintersun6162473d ago


I've made my decision and I want Vita (no-brainer for me) but people have different tastes and Vita just isn't for everybody. I think it's pretty pointless saying that someone should buy this or that. One should rather provide people with facts that would help differentiate between the two and make the decision themselves based on that, even if somebody asks you straight which one to get.

SonyNGP2473d ago

Definitely both. They both offer awesome games.