Cancelled 3DS Games: Signs of a Failing System?

Pop Arma writes, "Developers have begun to regard the platform with caution. Some titles, such as Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3D and Crush3d!, have been delayed until their respective companies can assess the current state of the 3DS while an alarming number of others have been outright cancelled. Consumers and analysts began to cry doom, comparing (as has become tradition) the console to Nintendo’s infamous Virtual Boy, and even numbering the 3DS’s days.

But are these cancellations really testaments to the console’s health?"

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MattyF2652d ago

Okay, Mega Man 3 wasn't going to happen because Capcom never had intentions of letting it release. Assassin's Creed isn't cancelled as the concept for the 3DS game became Revelations. DJ Hero 3D got cancelled because Activision killed the entire franchise. Saints Row was an XBLA port and never got off the ground, while My Garden was mostly a tech-demo and lacked substance.

So, no, they aren't signs of a failing system.

Rumb13stiltzkin2652d ago

I couldn't agree with you more about them not being signs of the system's "failure".

The purpose of this article is to address the myriad I've seen that consider these cancellations the death knell of the 3DS.

jacksonmichael2652d ago

Signs of a failing system? No. Signs that these companies don't care about us? Almost for certain.

Salarian2652d ago

It's not a sign that they don't care, because ultimately they do. They want us to be happy so we give them their money. (Except for Nintendo, who apparently doesn't like money.)

It's a sign that the companies don't believe these titles would be worth the cost of production. Instead of produce a predicted flop, they'd rather cut their losses and put their resources into something that's going to keep their company alive.

Bull5hifT2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Hmm, this is wierd , i feel like they should refund peoples money back and work on something more amazing, or the option to get the newer NEXT GEN worthy console for alot less, when i bought my Sega Dreamcast, a few months later i heard they were discontinuing it and i just traded it back in for my money, very simple no Remorse or hatred, if they would have announced a revised more powerful Sega Game Console, i would have gladly have waited ... But after no news of anything new from sega ,i put that money together and sold my ps1 with my 20 games, and Bought a PS2' i was a Twisted Metal Fan and that TM: Black trailer was amazing.... Main thing that puts me off of this console was the way the top screen and bottom screen hit each other and the displat versions at best buy had the buttons lifting up and people complaining about 3D headaches, theres something wrong with my eyes where i really have to strain my eyes and focus in order to get any 3d effect, even watching Avatar on the Huge IMAX screen ... Was a pain , maby i need thicker glasses or im sorta crossed eyed' im hoping this fad will fad sooner than later, bring on the OLED Holographic technology

clearelite2652d ago

ANOTHER one of these articles, seriously?

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