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What Did Gabe Newell Say to the Half-Life 3 Protesters?

Kotaku - Where the hell is the next Half-Life game? That's what two Vancouver-based Valve fans wanted to know when they set up shop opposite the headquarters of the people criminally late on shipping Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Valve founder Gabe Newell met with those "protesters" to deliver them good news and bad. (Culture, Half Life 3)

allyc4t  +   1320d ago
Haha, someone called the cops!
Solid_Snake-  +   1320d ago

hopefully suck my B***s and its ready when its ready.
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Cpt_kitten  +   1320d ago
lol blizzard already used when its ready while talking about diablo 3 so that excuse is taken right now
lil Titan  +   1320d ago
scumbag gabe, see protesters...announces Counter Strike Global Offensive
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1320d ago
Whats the rush anyways - its not like the world will end in 2012.....oh wait.
Zashule  +   1320d ago
Even funnier: "He rode up on his Segway, but it turns out [the cop] was a big Half-Life fan. So he completely understood where they were coming from and didn't chase them off."
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1320d ago
He said "Don't hold your breath...", which I think is very sound advice, lol.
kamakaz3md  +   1320d ago
hi, im a fatass
beastgamer  +   1320d ago | Funny
Fat joke a day, keeps half life away.
kamakaz3md  +   1320d ago
TheOtherTheoG  +   1319d ago
'tis true...
Miiikeyyy  +   1319d ago
Who cares? It's getting delayed everyday anyway XD
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1320d ago
I am really concerned for Gabe and I not joking about this.

My neighbor who was about Gabe age and size died last weekend of a heart attack and if he had lived a healthier life style it probably would have been prevented.

Gabe I am not sure if you visit N4G but if you do and you happened to come across my comment, please eat healthier and exercise at least 3 times a week.

I dont know if you smoke but if you do please try to quit.

Thanks and good health.
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Shackdaddy836  +   1320d ago
Ya. If Gabe doesn't start changing then he isn't going to live very long. Which sucks cus he seems really cool... :(
Sub4Dis  +   1320d ago
Pretty sure Gabe has better things to do than to read comments on n4g...like, for example, MAKING A NEW HALF-LIFE!
Slayer OP  +   1320d ago
That pic is fake. That is clearly a shopped bear ready to hibernate. Nice try though.
Cpt_kitten  +   1320d ago
"We were worried," Newell said of the cardboard-wielding micro-mob. "The cops showed up after someone else in the building called the police. He rode up on his Segway, but it turns out [the cop] was a big Half-Life fan. So he completely understood where they were coming from and didn't chase them off."

what happened to the right of peaceful protest? its been 6 years guy yeah were pretty curious as to what the hell you are doing we want more freeman
Sub4Dis  +   1320d ago
guess they weren't in the designated "free speech zone."

@below: ;)
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kaveti6616  +   1320d ago
is that a reference to arrested development?
thebudgetgamer  +   1320d ago
wow so many jokes, but must chose wisely.
NiteX  +   1320d ago
Woot got some memories from that!
PSfan09  +   1320d ago
is that sign made out of food?
rattletop  +   1320d ago
lol free pizza and soda and beta testing great!! so who is coming with me to protest? dont forget ur cardboard box!!
TaxExemption  +   1320d ago
He probably said," hey i just got off a 800 hour DOTA 2 bender, maybe next year"

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