IGN - Battlefield 3 Blowout

IGN - We fly jets, take on the co-op mode.

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pr0digyZA2405d ago

They are so lucky to be playing this. Sounds like it was hectic in the battle. Glad planes still require some skill to pilot.

gw4k2404d ago

Oh No!, IGN had a 'Blowout!' I hate when that happens to my kids!

lil Titan2404d ago

No "blowout" here i got more info from other random sites than "IGN battlefield blowout" if you stayed on BF3 news there's nothing new here to read unless you want to reread what was already on other sites

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lMHl2405d ago

sounds pretty sweet sure hope i can kill those jets from the group with a rpg and find there bodys for a good old fashion teabag

rattletop2405d ago

Gamespot's article on the caspian gameplay was better.

s8anicslayer2404d ago

I hope the action is fast paced like C.O.D, I must admit that from the multiplayer footage that this game is going to be sick>

miDnIghtEr2404d ago

Ya, the PC version of the game does. They haven't shown squat on what the MP will look like on consoles. We know how COD will look and play, and that's with precision and speed. They show us console MP play with COD... Don't show any MP console play for BF3.

irepbtown2404d ago

There is PS3 footage, just no Xbox footage yet.

Eitherway, pre-ordered BF3 on PS3, when I get a better PC, i'll get it for that aswell.

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The story is too old to be commented.