Microsoft Might “Not Have A Choice” But to Remake Halo 2 in HD

X360A: Speaking to X360A at Gamescom today, Executive Producer, Dan Ayoub, told us that they might have no choice but to remake and release the HD remake of Halo 2 down the line.

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-LUKE_SKYWALKER-2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Well if the fans are requesting it what are they going to do - tell them to buzz off.

limewax2498d ago

Ask Square-Enix what their strategy would be then.

But in all honesty I wouldn't be too bothered for a Halo 2 remake, it was nowhere near as good as the original

candystop2498d ago

If they added more story and changed the beginning to take place after part one (on your ship in space) I would give it a go.

Convas2498d ago

YES!! Halo 2 is what got me into console gaming. Seeing given a fresh coat like Halo CE is being given would be awesome!

If this happens though, I can't see it coming for at least another 2 years, maybe not even this generation.

Why o why2498d ago

i hear a lot of people saying this halo was the best one. what was so different?

ThePhuq2498d ago

It was the online. One of the best of its generation. I certainly sunk hundreds of hours into it, haha

ksense2498d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheCagyDies2498d ago

November 9, 2014.
My calendar is now marked.

Morgue2498d ago

The only thing I enjoyed about Halo 2 was the multi-player.

Jocosta2498d ago

If you are anything like my brother, you didn't even try single player, he just rips it open and jumps online,as with every damned game he buys.

Why o why2498d ago

people like ur brother annoy me. Dont know why. Im a single player dude first and foremost. It tends to help for multiplayer but its one of my pet peeves

Morgue2498d ago

I rarely play online anymore and I've always more of single player campaign or having friends over and playing games.

Morgue2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I never finished the fight in the first HALO, the second one I can't even remember the ending but I do recall many nights cracking out on the MP. The 3rd one was horrible and I can't remember anything about the game except it was short and that I took some pictures of me blowing up. Then I think I got to the 3rd level in REACH and didn't bother playing it and gave it back to my friend.

Basically. I don't really care for the hype that is HALO. It's not my type game regardless if it's a shooter, it bugs me. I'm 41 not 12.

BUT. If they did re-make it I would consider picking up just for the fact that you can no longer play HALO 2 on Xbox Live from what I heard. Is that true?

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The story is too old to be commented.