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Submitted by bradlinho 1634d ago | news

Microsoft Might “Not Have A Choice” But to Remake Halo 2 in HD

X360A: Speaking to X360A at Gamescom today, Executive Producer, Dan Ayoub, told us that they might have no choice but to remake and release the HD remake of Halo 2 down the line. (gamescom, Halo 2, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1634d ago
Well if the fans are requesting it what are they going to do - tell them to buzz off.
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limewax  +   1634d ago
Ask Square-Enix what their strategy would be then.

But in all honesty I wouldn't be too bothered for a Halo 2 remake, it was nowhere near as good as the original
candystop  +   1634d ago
If they added more story and changed the beginning to take place after part one (on your ship in space) I would give it a go.
Convas  +   1634d ago
YES!! Halo 2 is what got me into console gaming. Seeing given a fresh coat like Halo CE is being given would be awesome!

If this happens though, I can't see it coming for at least another 2 years, maybe not even this generation.
Why o why  +   1634d ago
i hear a lot of people saying this halo was the best one. what was so different?
ThePhuq  +   1634d ago
It was the online. One of the best of its generation. I certainly sunk hundreds of hours into it, haha
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TheCagyDies  +   1634d ago
November 9, 2014.
My calendar is now marked.
Morgue  +   1634d ago
The only thing I enjoyed about Halo 2 was the multi-player.
Jocosta  +   1634d ago
If you are anything like my brother, you didn't even try single player, he just rips it open and jumps online,as with every damned game he buys.
Why o why  +   1634d ago
people like ur brother annoy me. Dont know why. Im a single player dude first and foremost. It tends to help for multiplayer but its one of my pet peeves
Morgue  +   1634d ago
I rarely play online anymore and I've always more of single player campaign or having friends over and playing games.
Morgue  +   1634d ago
I never finished the fight in the first HALO, the second one I can't even remember the ending but I do recall many nights cracking out on the MP. The 3rd one was horrible and I can't remember anything about the game except it was short and that I took some pictures of me blowing up. Then I think I got to the 3rd level in REACH and didn't bother playing it and gave it back to my friend.

Basically. I don't really care for the hype that is HALO. It's not my type game regardless if it's a shooter, it bugs me. I'm 41 not 12.

BUT. If they did re-make it I would consider picking up just for the fact that you can no longer play HALO 2 on Xbox Live from what I heard. Is that true?
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Magnus  +   1634d ago
I wish they would package it with the Halo 1 remake I would play it never had an old gen Xbox so I never go to play it.
mcstorm  +   1634d ago
I agree they should of done Halo 1 2 remake and also did a Halo package with Reach Halo 1 2 3 and ODST so we get all the story in one box.
TheDareDevil  +   1634d ago
Ya and it would cost $200
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A7XEric  +   1634d ago
If they did remake Halo 2 it's a good opportunity to fix all of the shit that went terribly wrong with it.

I'm glad they are remaking Halo: CE and not touching the gameplay, but I can't say the same if they did that for Halo 2.
RBlaze  +   1634d ago
I hate to say it, mate...

But they are changing the gameplay. I read an article a while back and it said that the Halo:CE multiplayer uses the Reach engine. I hate to admit it but that ruined this remake's multiplayer for me. I wanted it to be the same as the original... Same gameplay, like you said :'(
IM_A_NINJA  +   1634d ago
There was no original Xbox Halo CE online. There only was online for the PC version. It's not just using the Reach Engine, it's in Reach's multiplayer. Sort of how ODST came with a disk with all the Halo 3 maps and you could play online with that. Halo Anny will have it's own maps and whatnot, but run off the Reach servers and Engine.

It's not really a bad thing, when you take into account so many remakes don't even offer online at all. This is looking like a bargain at $39
Fatmanp  +   1634d ago
The only thing they would have to do is update and improve the netcode. Leave all of the glitches in.
MorbidPorpoise  +   1634d ago
Rocket sword lunge ftw! :D
CommanderWTF  +   1634d ago
November 9th, 2014 I can't wait.
strickers  +   1634d ago
God forbid the creation of some new IP.Why bother when you have fans as insane as MS?
Dlacy13g  +   1634d ago
I think if the Halo CE HD remake goes over really well we are sure to see Halo 2 HD down the road. I am guessing it would come the year after Halo 4 kinda like a filler game for the odd years on Halo.
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MasterD919  +   1634d ago
Lets be honest here....By the time Halo 2 HD remake would come out Halo 4 would be out, Halo 1 HD would have been out already, Halo 3 would still be active, as well as Reach and all of those games have multiplayer. So to add another game that would potentially take away from all of those? I don't know.

For Nostalgia purposes and all it would work great. But whats the point without multiplayer and by the time it comes out...there will be more than enough Halo multiplayer games. Halo 2 was great but they had the same issue with this current HD remake- they'll have to combine gaming audiences. The idea is great but I don't think its necessary.

They could kill two birds with one stone and have a complete on disc or DLC Halo 2 map pack specifically for Halo 4 that could settle this right now.
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