Lost Odyssey Has Gone Gold, New Images

The official Lost Odyssey site has been updated with the Gold announcement of the game, along with some new images. And finally a confirmation of the World Map.

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Zhuk3901d ago

Lost Odyssey, a game from the JRPG gods themselves! I am most excited to play through Mistwalker's second project on the Xbox 360

jack who3901d ago

360 to out sell ps3 in japan again confirmed

predator3901d ago

cant beleive we have to wait till feb to get our hands on this beuty

jackfatal3901d ago

i say i wait for the reviews!!
360 will never outsell ps3 in japan!!
last week 360 sold a little more than ps3 because of a huge game release that week and the ps3 hadn't got the new price drop with the white color!! japanese like colors!!

jack who3901d ago

jackfatal says:360 will never outsell ps3 in japan!! and than trun around and say :last week 360 sold a little more than ps3...

so - + - =?

ironwolf3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

it's finished and sent to the production facility. Know what your talking about before you put your foot in your mouth, it makes it less likely to meet some one elses foot coming the other way.

Grassroots3901d ago

haha wait, the report was they sold the ps3 on one day, still this game maybe great, but let's be honest it will not sell great in the US. Just like Katamari, Blue Dragon (did okay, not up to what expected) and Eternal Sonata.

Grassroots3901d ago

okay I want to apoligize, they outsold the ps3 by 800 units! My bad huge win!

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ParaDise_LosT3901d ago

Damn Japan gets all the friggin luck :|
we have to wait for feb D:

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