PS3 owners shun Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders

Xbox 360 owners might be looking at less killer exclusive games for the Xbox 360 (beyond Kinect and sequels), but in terms of pre-ordering Activision's forthcoming action packed first person shooter Modern Warfare 3, are putting down the cash in their droves.

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zerofourseven2313d ago

This isn't really surprising, after MW2 had all the online issues on PS3

fluffydelusions2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

MW2 at least played online, Blops is an utter mess. And really this has nothing to do with that. FPS always sell better on 360. Battlefield 3 is another example. 360 has more than 2x the preorders. (Yeah, US ONLY...I know before you say anything)

zeeshan2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I don't give a f*** why there aren't many MW3 pre-orders from the PS3 crowd but come the f*** on!!! Pre-order the crap out of Uncharted 3 people! And if you can't pre-order it then make sure that you buy this gem of a game!

U3 looks gorgeous! It's Naughty Dogs we are talking about... they can't fail!!!!!!!!!!!!

I urge my PS3 brotherhood to either support games like Uncharted or stop asking for brilliant exclusives from Sony's first party studios! If you can't support brilliant devs and their efforts, better stick your nose to crappy CODS!

Hopefully, by the time we get close to Uncharted 3 release date, we'll see major improvement there! :)

buddymagoo2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )


Uncharted 3 sure does look the business! A game that you can not miss out on.

gamingdroid2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I think Naughty Dog needs to apply some of that talent on racer or some other genre. It will sell like hotcakes on the PS3!

After all, GT5 (both of them) and MGS4 sold insane amounts.

Then again, Infamous 2 was a little of a let down so Sony ended up bundling it now.

deadpoole2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

MW3 is gonna get tramp stamp (of BF3) this year ... period.

Uncharted 3 looks like master piece created by Leonardo Da Vinci ... Im sorry Naughty Dog.

But seriously Naughty Dog is LEonardo Da Vinci of Game Industry.

zeeshan2313d ago

Infamous 2 was a let down? What? I mean... WHAT!????

Denethor_II2313d ago


yeah but they're US on....ahhhhh

malol2313d ago

so basically
this is a xbox fanboys website ( saying the PS3 owners don't buy games
lololololololololol XD
stealth trolling is stealth

Pixel_Pusher2313d ago

No shit. MW2 was a hack/glitch fest and BlOps was unplayable for a whole month. When you combine that with all the issues COD dishes out on a daily basis...yeah no thanks.

dragonyght2313d ago

@zeeshan infamous 2 digital was release same day as retail and been number 1 on psn download for months now. you can not make judgment on retail alone

jagstatboy2313d ago

"MW2 at least played online, Blops is an utter mess."

I think you have that backwards. I've never seen the cheating in BLOPS that I saw in MW2. MW2 at one point was unplayable with people changing your custom loadout names to resetting levels to 1, people flying, etc, it goes on and on.

I've played a lot of BLOPS lately and have not had any problems other than host migrations.

Ravens202313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

MW2 was the WORST COD game to date. From the killstreaks, to the amount of spots people would camp from due to how shit the maps are,to the OP weapons, it was just a frustrating game and not fun at all.

Definitely NOT going to buy this garbage until it hits 30 or less

Dramscus2313d ago

Way to go guys. Keep on not buying shut games.

Washington-Capitals2313d ago

you people here on N4G are very funny, so the 99% of articles msxbox world puts out you guys quickly label as fanboy/troll/stupid yet something about mw3 hate its clearly something that is reputable right? WOW!

This website has NO SOURCES, and i can bet my balls that MW3 sales on PS3 will be very close to that on the Xbox, just like Black Ops sold very close to the xbox version on the PS3. And it will be the best selling game on the system this year too. Please dont be soo foolish, a lot of you think its fashionable to hate on MW3 because you think comment agrees mean something. You have no basis to hate on MW3 since none of you have played it and if you are basing it on past history, then how come on R3 articles people are saying its an good FPS (which i would somewhat agree having played the beta), if i based it on R2, i would say R3 would be "shit" cause thats what R2 was to me. Haters gonna hate.

Ares842313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Well, I got tired of buying expansions of COD4 at full retail price every year. There is absolutely nothing new or advanced in MW3 that we didn't see in previous COD games. Online is shit, full of cheaters and 12year old kids who constantly question your sexuality and are extremely racist. So no, I don't want that garbage anymore.

I'm getting the superior FPS that is Battlefield 3.


If you didn't notice most articles coming from msxbox world is flamebait and always have to do with bashing the PS3 some way. That's their thing.

vickers5002313d ago

"I urge my PS3 brotherhood to either support games like Uncharted or stop asking for brilliant exclusives from Sony's first party studios! If you can't support brilliant devs and their efforts, better stick your nose to crappy CODS!"

I'm not a big fan of Uncharted, so I'll be waiting for a price drop on that one. I will however be getting Resistance 3 and Shadow of the Colossus/ICO day one.

Virus2012313d ago

@zeeshan Idk about pre ordering Uncharted 3. I would probably just rent it off of gamefly for the singleplayer. I never really got into the multiplayer (although the beat was great), because I found no replay value in UC2 and UC1. Those games were great but I after I completed the singleplayer they just collected dust. That's one thing I look for when buying a game (replay value), and I didn't find that with those games..... Same with Killzone 3

gamingdroid2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I did not enjoy Uncharted 3 beta at all online.

The shooting mechanics and game elements did not appeal to me.

Doesn't mean it is not good, just it wasn't for me.

Christopher2313d ago

***Then again, Infamous 2 was a little of a let down so Sony ended up bundling it now.***

*raises eyebrow*

Didn't expect that sort of statement from you gamingdroid. Popular games get bundles, or games that are paid from a third-party to encourage the sales of their game (Kung Fu Panda). But, most often, it's the popular games that they think will help sell the hardware.

MaxXAttaxX2313d ago

Not surprised anymore.


COD Black Ops got bundled.

snipes1012313d ago

I find it funny that COD gets bashed for being the same every year when, besides some graphical leap that I could care less about, BF doesn't exactly revolutionize its brand with each new release either ( < don't believe me? Read the preview).

All of these flame wars are simply idiotic. Just play your game and shut the hell up. I'll be buying and enjoying both because, well, I like to play my games, not argue about them all the time (sometimes it's kind of fun to though :).


Infamous 2 a let down 'cause Sony bundled it? Just like Halo 3. Right? Seriously, people make the most stupid excuses to hate...

Sony is trying to make it one of it's flagship franchises, this has nothing to do with how well or badly InFamous 2 has sold. Look at Uncharted, Motorstorm, Killzone and Resistance bundles in the past, al those games sold within Sony exclusives standard, just because it didn't made COD, Halo or Gears numbers it doesn't mean Sony was disappointed at it's first party studios. For every Halo that sells 10 million, Sony had at least 6 exclusives that were million sellers, it's obviously a different business strategy.

dougr2313d ago

I'm sorry, I appreciate getting good exclusive games for the ps3, but I cannot justify spending $60 on a linear story game like Uncharted. I loved Uncharted 2, but unless you like the multiplayer, which I do not, then it is a renter game because it can be beaten within a few days. There is no replay value for me with the uncharted series to justify buying the game.

HappyGaming2313d ago

Plus Uncharted 3 is coming out the same month...

sobekflakmonkey2312d ago

All i have to say is, I'm a PS3 fanboy but I like that website, they never lean to either side, like it's a xbox website, but they are extremely fair it's nice to see a gaming website that isn't super biased, and it's just funny because it's an xbox website, thats pretty awesome.

MaxXAttaxX2312d ago

Uncharted has pretty good replay value if you actually enjoy it.
I've played the games 4 or 5 times each. It's just fun.
If find it easier to go back and replay these type of games.

Besides, Uncharted isn't the most linear game out there. You're bashing plenty of great linear games from the past. Linear games outnumber open-world games and they're some of the best games ever made.

Why don't you just stick open-world/RPGs?

SephirothX212312d ago

UC3 should have more sells than MW3 but that's the way the world is. I for one will be buying UC3 day 1 and not buying MW3 at all. I still haven't played Blops and I'm proud of myself.

DragonKnight2312d ago

Who cares? There are always "lack of pre-orders" articles about the PS3. Pre-orders aren't an indication of anything. Could be any number of reasons.

gaden_malak2312d ago

who cares about pre-orders?

gaden_malak2312d ago

"Then again, Infamous 2 was a little of a let down so Sony ended up bundling it now."

Don't speak of that you do not know.

Scary692312d ago

I am already supporting companies that need supporting. Naughty Dog is one of them as for activision and their half ass games for the ps3 will not be getting my money. People are just getting sick of the half ass work, and what better way then to hit them where it hurts.

PROJECTbadass2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

uc3 doesnt get a lot of pre orders and the comments are along the lines of "ps3 owners dont pre-order games anyways". now that its mw3 you people are somehow smarter superrior beings for not pre ordering. which way do you morons want it? is it a trend? or do you guys not pre order bad games?

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r1sh122313d ago

Mw2 didnt only have problems on the ps3, the 360 was just as bad if not worse.
I think its gotten to the point where call of duty is just boring.
I might buy mw3, but I am definitely buying battlefield 3. (ive already pre-ordered it).
Mw3 is still a 50/50, I think most people have seen how bad the support for mw2 was. Black ops has been supported really well, but they've taken all the fun out of that game. It far better than mw2 but its just boring.

Virus2012313d ago

Although many people complained about Blackops graphics, I enjoyed Blackops way more than MW2 (for a month until I traded it in for Killzone 3 hehehe.)

r1sh122312d ago


Lol you havent played black ops long enough. As with most games it can be frustrating but black ops is no fun after a while. Mw2 you could get spammed with the cheapest tactics but you could do the same back. Mw2 was not a good game by any means, due to it being soo over the top it was fun..Black ops is sort of lackluster. Its a shame because treyarch have seriously supported that game, there was 1 known hack for auto aim where it instantly locks onto another players head and that got patched 48 hours after it was out.

davekaos2313d ago

I'm glad ps3 owners are doing this. After the last 2 COD's its about time we stop showing support to activision and start showing support for EA.

Seriously guys i can understand the love for COD but once you play BF and get used to the mechanics you will soon realise that COD under par when it comes to online shooters especially on the ps3.

Watch the new trailer and tell me you are not blown away by what you see

climaxz2313d ago

Support EA ?
Activision don't deserve a dime, but with all the rumours I'm hearing about EA they don't either.

gamingdroid2313d ago

You mean support the company that:

a) introduced online pass to the industry

b) deletes your digital games purchased and your entire account if you are inactive on Origin

c) prevents you from accesing your games on Origin if you get banned from any of EA's site

d) has utter nasty DRM, remember Spore and number of times you could install a game. Heck, this was true of what is now Origin a short while back

.. and to those who hate Activision

e) EA essentially introduced annual game releases

f) and also cut out competing sports game brands with their exclusive deals

Out from the lions den right into the dragons lair!

John Kratos2313d ago

He's probably swept up in the Battlefield hysteria. Also he probably loves EA because they brought Mass Effect to the PS3. Which isn't bad or anything, but considering ever since being bought by EA Bioware has gone down hill, I would have preferred if they just stayed independent.

davekaos2313d ago

@ John, the deal with sony and EA for mass effect did not affect me at all as i had the game on PC, and for BF3 hysteria then yes i am swept up but thats all because.
1: i played BF2 like no tomorrow and lets not forget BFBC2 and BF2 are 2 completely different games
2: i was in the alpha so i know first hand just how good the game is and can honestly say the alpha was better than any cod game i have ever played

Dee_912313d ago

i was with you until you said support ea lol

Sarcasmology2313d ago

Both companies are garbage, Activision simply has a mascot people can direct their hate towards (Bobby Kotex).

It sucks that the developers have to suffer from the crappy choices of the publishers, yet that's their choice for getting involved and sticking around with them.

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Anon19742313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Huh. Look at that. Another PS3 article from msxbox-world. They should consider changing their name.

Anyway, we won't go into the logic of writing articles based on VGChartz guesses, that's been done to death, but I would like to briefly touch on something they mentioned at the end of the article.

"We already reported on the differences between Xbox and PS3 consumers pre-ordering habits"

Bingo. And yet people are still writing articles about it. Pre-ordering games is predominantly a US phenomena and guess what? The majority of 360's sold worldwide are sold in the US. PS3 games sell just fine, and seem to be able to move games that normally wouldn't move on the Xbox, yet the media is constantly bombarding us with articles bemoaning PS3 pre-order numbers like the harbingers of doom they are.

Enough already. We know COD will sell more on the 360. Same with Battlefield. They're shooters. Shooters always sell better on the 360. That's not news. We also know that Uncharted 3 will sell just fine, so you can stop wringing your hands about Uncharted pre-order figures like no one is going to buy it.

The fact that you're mining VGChartz for pre-order guesses to bash the PS3 speaks volumes.

gamingdroid2313d ago

***Huh. Look at that. Another PS3 article from msxbox-world. They should consider changing their name.***

It's an Xbox 360 and PS3 comparison article. It would have been difficult to talk about the competition without the PS3.... :D

***The majority of 360's sold worldwide are sold in the US. ***

To be fair, on a worldwide basis, other than Japan/US, both MS and Sony are pretty even in market share.

***PS3 games sell just fine, and seem to be able to move games that normally wouldn't move on the Xbox, yet we're constantly bombarded with articles bemoaning PS3 pre-order numbers like the harbingers of doom.***

This sort of thing also happened when GT5 was released, and there were constant comparisons between Forza 3 and GT5 sales.

Karlnag32313d ago

Well, there's only so many things they can write about forza and gears.

2313d ago
XabiDaChosenOne2313d ago

It's an Xbox 360 and PS3 comparison article.""
Yes, we can see that, thats no the point. The point is this is another one of the numerous PS3 related articles from this site.

insomnium22313d ago

Yeah! Ps3 sold more software in fiscal 2009 by 10% so could these people stop beating this dead horse already?

gamingdroid2312d ago

Real sources please (and no vgchartz doesn't count even when it is convenient for you) or it is hearsay!

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scofios2313d ago

shooters wil always sell better on the xbox brand
The first xbox was known only for shooters halo,far cry, doom,...,Thats why ms tried so hard that the 360 imago isn't a shooter box like the first one ,with games like, ff,ninty nine nights,bleu dragon ,kameo,viva pinata,..........,

shinrock2313d ago

does any1 have a comparison list of 360 and ps3 software sells? i thought that it has only been a couple of times that a multi-platform title sold more on ps3 then it did on 360.i mean 360 owners seem to spend more to support their system of choice. ps3 owners r 2 busy waiting for EXCLUSIVES!

Tito082313d ago

@ shinrock he means first person shooters man, but games in other genres like racing, fighting, action adventure, rpgs sells better on PS3!!!!

chriski3332313d ago

Good its about Damn time screw these greedy assholes

Crystallis2313d ago

MW2 was no where near as bad as Black ops. Black ops is the most absurd COD to date. I'll be renting MW3.

sprayNpray2313d ago

Black ops was even worse. I'll be completely passing on MW3 for BF3 this year. I've bought every COD game since COD4 but there has just been to many bugs for the ps3.

SilentNegotiator2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Look at the PS3's exclusive lineup this can anyone be surprised that less PS3 gamers have pre-ordered MW3? Why should I bother with any of these lame, generic modern-setting FPS games?

andibandit2312d ago

I agree with the the PS3's exclusive lineup.
Theres no necessity to jump on the BF3/MW3 bandwagon right away because you know that 3-4 months from release there will still be lots of people playing online, and by then you might get them at a lower price.

RAYMEISTER2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

It just means xbox 360 owners are stupider. Who else would pay a monthly fee to play online AND buy a game that's pretty much the same s**t since 2007.

Roper3162313d ago

first pay for the game, then pay for XBL so you can play the game online that you already paid for and the pay for the dumbass online pass thing Acti has. Seems like you need to take a loan from the bank to play COD on the 360.

andibandit2312d ago

Haha right on Raymeister, and then they have their credit card stolen and...ooops wait i was thinking about something else.

zeddy2312d ago

mw2 played fine online on my ps3, but with the exact same connection black ops is a joke. the only time theres no lag is when your're host, now if they could only make it fair for everyone.

i dont usually pre-order anyway but im going to wait and see if there're any issues before i buy it.

The_Con-Sept2312d ago

That is perfectly fine by me. I have not bought a CoD game since 4MW. Every new game IW makes for CoD is just a rehash of COD4. I also have not bought any BF game since BF2:MC for PS2. Those two were awesome games. Now they all just suck to me. I went back to Counter Strike and BF1942 on PC because console FPS is for aim assist noobs. Its not that hard to play with a keyboard and mouse.

As for Uncharted 3. I will definitely play it over anything else this year besides LBP2.

LiquifiedArt2312d ago

I refuse to buy another cod. I'm a ps3 owner

showtimefolks2312d ago

shooters on xbox360 sell better its a shooters console and not saying psn isn't because COD sell in millions on both consoles but MW2 on ps3 was unplayable so i have my doubt before pre ordering

if its really good i will buy it off craiglist for 40 and not give my money to activision

ps3 has few big exclusives launching in fall along with the fact throughout the year there were quite a few exclusives so money get's split into other games too

for example:

i much rather spend my 60 on rage which is something new or buy saints row 3 which will be a lot of fun than just buy another COD with different skins and same MP for 60.

so if ps3 gamers think before they pre order smart for them there are other games besides COD and BF3 that are coming out this fall like batman 2,rage,skyrim,saints row 3,mgs hd collection

all 5 of those are coming out on xbox360 and ps3 plus more so enjoy something other than shooters some times

DirtyLary2312d ago

PS3 users simply have more options. Xbox have MW3 and Gears3.

Me_My2312d ago ShowReplies(2)
seinfan2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I think the number of other AAA titles coming out around the same time is also a huge factor. Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Arkham City are the ones I can think of.

The article also mentioned Resistance 3 (and Madden pfft). I almost forgot about Battlefield 3. Yeah, it does look like the choices are abundant. MW3 is simply the least appealing choice.

Tommykrem2312d ago

I sort of feel that's not the main reason. Never really had many of those issues myself, except for the no dedicated servers issues. I think it's more about the mainstream audience, who don't look into other, less known shooters are more likey on 360. Not implying anything about 360 users, or the 360 console. Great console. Great people, but I think that the PS3 version of MW3 will be more hurt by competition than its 360 counterpart, and that doesn't have that much to do with exclusives.

MsclMexican2312d ago

My fellow PS3 brethren you are free at last

No longer do you have to deal with the injustice of improper porting

No longer must you spend twice as much to play a whole game

No longer do you have to wait an extra month to pay for dlc that should have been part of the game

No longer must you pay $15 dollars for dlc

You are free to play real games like uncharted 3, battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls V, Batman Arkham City and Assassins Creed Revelations

You are free at last, free at last

I salute you my fellow ps3 owners
I salute you