The Man Behind KmartGamer

When you think of Kmart, video games aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But one man is working to change that. He wants to make Kmart the only place consumers go for their favorite games.

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jacksonmichael1720d ago

Actually, when I think about Kmart, Zellers, Walmart, Target, or any store, really, the first thing that comes to mind is video games.

DlocDaBudSmoka1720d ago

this article is all kinds of messed up. first he says his dad was his football coach from 8 until his HS years. then 2 paragraphs later it says he was home schooled.

jeeves861720d ago

How exactly? His dad coaches a local football team, he's on the football team. When he reached a certain age, he advanced to another team, quit football, or his father retired from coaching.

How exactly is that messed up? lol

DlocDaBudSmoka1720d ago

bc you hve to go to that certain school to play HS football. thats how.

jeeves861718d ago

@ Dloc - unless it's not a high-school football team.