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What Halo means to me: 10 years later

Bitmob's Patrick O'Rourke Said,

The Halo series has had a profound effect on my life. For some gamers it's Mario, for others it's Solid Snake or Marcus Fenix. For me, it's the Master Chief. He's my god, my messiah, my North Star. I even have a little action figure that constantly looks down on me from a shelf on my desk.

Seriously though...I really like Halo. (Culture, Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

WolfLeBlack  +   1445d ago
Well, I can't relate to Master Chief being my God or Messiah or anything, but I have enjoyed the Halo series over the years. Though I still hold Halo 3 was overhyped and the critics heaped a bit too much praise on it, but that's just my personal opinion. I still enjoyed Halo 3, though.
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kaveti6616  +   1445d ago
multiplayer-wise I think Halo 3 is as good as Modern Warfare 1, and certainly more balanced.

I agree that Halo 3's campaign and Halo Reach as a whole was a little overrated. I especially hated Halo Reach's campaign and Bungie's decision to ship maps that they made with Forge World (because they were all samey).

But I disagree with anyone who criticized Halo 2's campaign.
ilikegam3s  +   1445d ago
In summary for me for what halo is 10 years later = FUN :D
MerkinMax  +   1445d ago
I just can't stop thinking about Assault on the Control Room and Two Betrayals remastered!
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CrimsonSaber  +   1445d ago
Hell Yeah over competitive co-op will be fun
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1445d ago
I remember being in high school and could not wait for the weekends when my friends would sleep over my place and we would system link our xboxes and play Halo till 5 in the morning.

We all have jobs and kids now but think I might have a get together to celebrate Halo and relive the old days - this time around we will substitute the mountain dew with Jack Daniel, Red Bull and Hennessy : ).
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1445d ago
Halo to me is a game that really has not updating it's gameplay style for over 10 years....... But it is still F***ing AWESOME!
CrimsonSaber  +   1445d ago
Have you even played halo ?you claim its Fuc*ing Awesome however you opinion there comfirms your a complete toolbag! This guy states halo hasnt updated its gameplay! dude halo 1 went from one gun only. Halo 2 went to dual welding, Armour colors and the introduction as a elite.
Halo 3 continued on with halo 2. adding unique arm. perms. and im discounting odst. But reach added unique fire fights as well as more armour perms. and mis match with arms. so if you missed all the . that you have proven my point moron
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1445d ago
dude the things you speak of are miniscule and don't really add anything to it. Sure duel Wielding was pretty neat but Reach Scrapped it all together.
CrimsonSaber  +   1445d ago
Well halo was and wasnt my first game for the xbox . in fact it got trashed on accident christmas of 01. so my first game played was muches odd world. truth be told when i got to play halo that same day at my brothers place . im like this game is retarded.couldnt get the gist of that big ass controller. But when i got my hands on another copy . Halo became an obsession of mine . halo 1,2,3 were more my mario than mario was my mario back in the early 90's. So this series is something that i hold dearest to my gaming heart.Im glad that a bunch of artist left bungie to continue the saga for 343I. And i am exstatic about halo returning . ive got 3/4 spartans ready to put a dent into this game come this winter.
Dogs_PinoyPOOD  +   1445d ago
Halo to me in 10 years. it introduced me to playing FPS games but now i hate the halo franchise cus im tired of it lol
DirtyLary  +   1445d ago
"What Halo means to me: 10 years later"

Power armor is for pussies.
Solid_Snake-  +   1445d ago
lol owned at halo much.
DirtyLary  +   1445d ago
Obviously you don't know the reference.

edit. LOL none of you get it.
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CrimsonSaber  +   1445d ago
we got it duke
buttclown  +   1445d ago
One good thing out of duke nukem forever, since no one else got that joke
xhedleyx  +   1443d ago
More like bubble shield is for pussies
X_GAMER_X  +   1445d ago
My best game ever.
Baka-akaB  +   1445d ago
I dunno , i missed the halo boat . We just had the same only better on pc back then . I can see why at first the kind of quality for fps would amaze on console , but i havent seen enough changes to it for my tastes .

I dont necessarily need a successful game to change its formula and gameplay , but then it should at least strive for better graphics when nothing major changes . Wich stopped happening for a while till Reach .

At best i can say that i enjoyed playing Reach , but it didnt create any kind of addiction (nor did current ps3 "rivals" like kz3 mind you)

Maybe i'll like halo 4 more .
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lastdual  +   1445d ago
I was in the same boat when Halo first came out. I figured it was probably a decent FPS "for a console game", but nothing that would compare to what was available on PC.

It wasn't until after one of my roommates picked up an Xbox and Halo:CE that I reluctantly tried it.

That "nothing special" attitude didn't last long. The co-op, tons of vehicles that actually controlled well, wide-open level design, dynamic AI that made replaying levels actually awesome rather than repetitive, and all the other little innovations...

As much as I fancied myself one of the "PC Master Race" at the time, I had to admit that Halo was a step forward - not just for consoles - but for the genre altogether.
Fatal Blow  +   1445d ago
@Dogs_PinoyPOOD halo introduced me to playing fps too

the only reason for me to buy a xbox 360 was to play halo reach got the limited edition halo reach console tho. But have sold it now due to not many good games coming out will buy again when the new halo comes out tho but still have my old xbox
DirtyLary  +   1445d ago
That an average game will sell millions on the xbox.
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manumit  +   1445d ago
Just finished the Book "The fall of Reach" and wow i appreciate the Halo universe so much more. IMO Halo got me back into gamming after the Dreamcast died, so there will always be love for Halo. Even MP is still freaking Kick arse, Still playing MP on Halo 3 and Reach, not many games keep the awesomeness.
Bigpappy  +   1445d ago
Halo= father of FPS controls done right on consoles. So what I am saying, is that if you like how FPS play on consoles, you should thank Bungie and Halo.
ilikegam3s  +   1445d ago
Dont forget to thanks Microsoft as well, it was partly their idea to make Halo a FPS.
Baka-akaB  +   1445d ago
they deserves their thanks , but the father award should go to the guys behind Goldeneye and timesplitters
Fatal Blow  +   1445d ago
anyone know when the new halo game is coming out. Halo reach was awesome tho
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buttclown  +   1445d ago
11-19-2011 I think, check because they are launching it the exact same day as the original
Fatal Blow  +   1445d ago
@buttclown thanks for letting me know
u got owned  +   1445d ago
Halo series marked my comeback to video gaming, i stopped gaming right after Super Nintendo, till i played Halo, since then I have own all consoles (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360). I love Halo series, i'm a hardcore Halo fan and im not ashamed to say it ;)
GoodnessGreatness  +   1445d ago
it seems like it been milked game after game.
buttclown  +   1445d ago
The only game that I would say was an attempt at that would be ODST because it shoulda be 30 bucks. As far as the rest, there is nothing quite like the release of a new Halo game.
Fatal Blow  +   1445d ago
@PSVita2011 all great and fun games are and will all ways be made again and again. Because we want more of that same game. if the game is not broken then don't fix it its that simple. as a true gamer i love all consoles and all great games
Fatal Blow  +   1445d ago
This is just my option but halo is the best fps i have played or still is. Its just fun that's why we play games right
Spargo CXVII  +   1445d ago
It's the reason why I play video games today.
R-one-oh-seven  +   1444d ago
Though I've only played the first one I liked it for its story co-op. The multiplayer was nothing special (no offense) Goldeneye had a much better multiplayer mode.

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