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Battlefield 3 Jets Will Become the New "Bush Wookie"

Remember how Bush Wookies plagued Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by playing selfishly and ignoring team objectives? Well DICE has went out of their way to make sure that the Recon Class [Snipers] are not annoyances but what about Jets? It appears that the Jet is the hot topic among Battlefield 3 followers and it could be suspected that once the game launches, people would use Jets in the same way they used the Recon Class in BFBC2, in a useless manner. (Battlefield 3, Culture, Dice, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

jriquelme_paraguay  +   1129d ago
Cant wait to see people Team killing to get the Jet... lol

oh.. and nothing new about this opinion... people whinning about everything
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moho-foe  +   1129d ago
The Jets are only in one game mode, the OP has no idea what he/she is talking about.
GameZenith  +   1129d ago
I understand that the Jets will only be in Conquest and not Rush or even Team Deathmatch. My whole article was from the perspective of Conquest.

If you actually payed attention to what I wrote, I mentioned "Capturing Control Ponits" and "Defending Control Points" there was even a part in the article where I specifically mentioned Conquest.

It looks like you have no idea of what you're talking about.
ATi_Elite  +   1129d ago
Read the intro about Jets being the new "Bush Wookies" and decided not to read the article.

Is the writer saying Jets will be selfish players like camping snipers in BFBC2?

If so then this is Battlefield 3 and Not BFBC2 and YES there is a difference!!! Jets in BF are team players no matter what! Your in a Jet, your gonna wanna shoot down another jet or helicopter or blow up a tank or spam bombing an opposing flag.

All this really really helps control the battlefield unlike some sniper just camping and spawn killing which really only helps his/her stats and not the team.
SITH  +   1128d ago
So if I kill forty people as a sniper, then I am not helping the team? Sure seems to make the enemy lose when it happens. Ticket loss happens for kills just like it does for loss control points.
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deadpoole  +   1127d ago
Big whop ... its a game ... there is a reason private game menu exists ... if u got players to play against the opposing team who wont bush wookie and stuff ... fine.

If not ... who cares ... its a fun game. Whoever wants to enjoy flyin ... fine ... whoever wants to do whatever including Bush Wookie ... fine ... let them enjoy.

Stop complaining ... stop imposing restrictions how gamers want to enjoy this game.
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Miiikeyyy  +   1128d ago
Although I'm extremely excited for Jets, I'm not even ganna bother trying to get to one. I'm ganna play the game and if there's one free then I'll take it. I won't make it a priority to get to a jet when I could be supporting my squad.
Hufandpuf  +   1128d ago
No they aren't. Obviously the author has never played BF2. sure people "patiently" waited for them to spawn but it had so many players on PC that no one was even worried about flying one because it was so rare to actually get in one without being TKD or being beat to the chase.
earbus  +   1128d ago
Will be just like bf2 or frontlines jet whores camping the runway hope you can mine the tarmac.
StayStatic  +   1128d ago
God i hate bush wookies "DAM BUSH KILLED ME" , most annoying thing ever , i like to get stuck in with a sniper not hide in a bush and get 3 kills. I'd rather finish negitive KD if it ment my team wins as a result.

Another thing i blame cod for , kd whoring, L2P FPS :P
Wardog1368  +   1128d ago
This article reminds me of the bf2 mine video. So Hilarious.Anyway, to the writer. It's nothing to be worried about.
SITH  +   1128d ago
The job of aircraft in a conventional war is to maintain air superiority and support the ground forces, not hold or defend the ground. Boots on the ground do that job. This article is another in a long line of cry session about the same issues you can't and never could do anything about. Play the game and do it with friends. If you got no friends then do your job and don't try to control other teammates duties as if they care to hear your whining. You can join another game when people are playing for their own intrest.

Camping... really. People still crying about camping otherwise known as, "standing still and shooting me multiple times from the same place and I can't seem to kill you." Long description yes but that is what it is. Anytime you gear someone crying, "that guy is camping" it is a coincidence the so called camper is killing the person crying. My response, man up and fight harder because apparently you keep walking to the exact spot you got killed 20 seconds ago and can't resists going back for revenge only to have your new body lay ontop of the old one. If you want to sprint back to me every 5 minutes, I will gladly put another bullet in your head while I laugh how stupid you are for coming back 5 times. At least take a different route or coordinate an attack to get at me. Heck bring a tank and make it interesting.

There are too many resources available to over come any situation in battlefield for people to be whining about why others are not playing the way you think they should be.
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MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1128d ago
On PC aslong as your in the right community server if you want a go in the jets you can rotate with your team mates and most people in community servers are grown up mature respectable military enthusiasts.

Consoles will be the same old 90% retarded players who will all try to TK for the jets and no doubt D bags with sniper rifles will think its "pro" to get a jet and parachute out onto a high building.

In community servers in BF2 you rotated your pilots and most guys who were pilots like me had flight sticks, thats the more fun immersive thing about the experience on PC, you can play the way you want to and customise your experience.

From personal experience on console with BC2 & BF2:MC, your own teammates shoot at you if your in the chopper because they want it and are all angsty little kids, and when the enemy chopper comes over and base rapes on atacama nobody seems to bother even trying to shoot it down....

On PC I played in a community server and we all hoppedi n 50 cals, sure we lost some good soilders *sniffle* but we took that buzzard down in under 10 seconds! its just the community feeling and teamwork of mature players cannot be beaten. Console players in my experience are 90% usually just selfish, teamkilling, blabbering foul mouthed immature little twats.
SITH  +   1127d ago
Yeah it was that way in operation flashpoint when I played it on pc. The first thing people asked was who had a flight stick. I would say I do. And they would say you fly. It does have a greater sense of cooperation than on consoles. But then that is where you start sending friend invites out to build a team. Party chat on Xbox helped bug time for bad company series.
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1127d ago
Im in a big community on Xbox still and BC2 just limits us because you can only have 4 ppl in one squad at once and fair enough they can join but its impractical and a real hassle.

were on PC we have all chipped in for our own server and I can play with all my PC friends on one team regardless of squads, sorry I just hate matchmaking.....its like a conveyer belt of people, at least have the option of a server browser.

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