Revised Halo Encyclopaedia Launching this Autumn

Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd. has revealed that the official Halo encyclopaedia will be launching in Europe this autumn, set to be known as the Halo Encyclopedia. Featuring commentary on everything Halo, the Halo Encyclopedia is a newly revised edition of the must-have guide for fans the Halo universe.

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WolfLeBlack2648d ago

Encyclopaedia is an alternate spelling on encyclopedia, mate. Generally speaking, it is more usually spelt encyclopedia, but encylopaedia is also perfectly acceptable.

Anyway, I'm going to stop now. This education garbage is giving me a headache.

mathsman2648d ago

'Encyclopaedia' is the UK English way of spelling it. 'Encyclopedia' is the US English.

Cpt_kitten2648d ago

lol guess your allergic to reading as well

WolfLeBlack2648d ago

I might just pick this up. I'm not a huge Halo fan, but I love the universe that Bungie and the others crafted.

manumit2648d ago

Been hanging for a while now to get this. Having the knowledge of the Halo Universe will just make playing Halo a better experiance.