Darksiders II gets June 2012 release date

Darksiders II will launch in June 2012, THQ's Danny Bilson has confirmed, with Metro: Last Light following 'next summer'. The two had previously only been given vague 2012 release dates.

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TrevorPhillips2675d ago

Darkstalker was mad, looking forward to this one :)

Quagmire2675d ago

wrong game name. Not sure which one you are supposed to be referring to, but DARKSIDERS was a mad game.

Nice to have a more specific release date. I'm pre-ordering the Samael edition which comes with a life size fully live Horse of the Apocalypse owned by Death.

TrevorPhillips2675d ago

Sorry I meant Darksider, my bad.

lordolunch2675d ago

Not far off my b-day :) :) :)

TruthbeTold2675d ago

Alright Nintendo. You have your Wii U launch window now. I'm not buying it on Wii U months late with the only difference being the controller experience.

NLGSean2674d ago

I would not be surprised if the Wii U launches around this time...

showtimefolks2675d ago

too limiting in many aspects. And the sequel it seems will improve on the core features from 1st and add new ones so here is hoping we get a great game to play in summer.

improve graphics no more screen tearing
better story
a much better combat than one button
better align those buttons so it won't feel like impossible to press the right buttons or how about let us choose our on configuration

ElementX2675d ago

A long, grueling wait :(

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