Is HD DVD A Better Deal Than Blu-Ray?

Don Lindich, a national columnist and creator of the "Digital Made Easy" book series writes, "My column endorsing HD DVD was released today and I expect site traffic to spike as the word spreads around the web. I have followed the format war since the beginning and now that I am ready to recommend a format, it was an easy call to endorse HD DVD. It comes down to three things which have not really changed since it started last year."

1) "Picture and sound quality is identical between formats. All the impressive specs in the world don't matter if the end result is the same."

2) "Almost all Blu-ray players lack the necessary hardware to support announced features, and hence are obsolete. Conversely, every HD DVD player from the HD-A1 onwards is fully functional, having the hardware necessary and needing only a firmware update to enable advanced features."

3) "Blu-ray players have cost twice as much as HD DVD players from the start, and this doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. It is impossible for me to recommend someone spend double on an unfinished product that merely matches the performance of its competitor. That goes completely against common sense and any reasonable person would agree. As HD DVD has become regularly available for under $200, I find it impossible to NOT tell people to go get one… it's a fanastic product and a fantastic buy, and the public needs to know it."

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Bladestar3751d ago

Truth... sadly this article will also not pass.. this site is infected with Sony leg humpers... they don't want to hear, "Picture and sound quality is identical between formats. All the impressive specs in the world don’t matter if the end result is the same"...

Zhuk3751d ago

i'm not even into the whole format war thing, but I do notice that a lot of HD DVD stuff is rejected for no good reason except that just by being approved it is somehow an affront to Blu-Ray.

Lets keep this site fair and balanced, and approve articles like this

Makroyale3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

This statement I don't believe is true as I can tell the difference between a 1080i and 1080p picture.

"Feed a 1080i signal to a 1080p TV and you will be watching a 1080p picture with no loss of information."

I have these articles to back me up plus my own eyes (again, in certain situations I can tell the difference). I have a PDP-6010FD Plasma that I'm viewing on.

xplosneer3751d ago

Even you should know that no matter what this site will never be fair and balanced.

unlimited3751d ago

truth?? all they talking about is how hddvd is cheap..what about movies?? thats the biggest concern..

ActionBastard3751d ago

It's losing. It will always lose. And the articles you ass clowns post are a combonation FUD and flat out lies. Deal with it. Now go watch King Kong that came with your HD DVD addon and no other movies, because rather than support the HD DVD format you talk about it.

neogeo3750d ago

that the huge difference between the 2 formats.

if ya don't know ya better ask somebody.


blackmagic3750d ago

If film was shot at 60 frames per second then data would be lost but it isn't. Film is shot at 24 frames per second and so the odd and even interlace frames are from the same frame in the source resulting in no loss of visual data. Again, film is shot at 24fps so a 60 frame interlaced signal is able to transmit all of the visual data without losing visual data.



Now, I am not saying that you are not seeing visual artifacts because some televisions have issues with deinterlacing an interlaced signal but be aware that this is an issue with the television not the transmission method. I would suggest checking with your manufacturer to see if there is a firmware update that addresses this issue.

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leinadem23751d ago

It has been really amazing the sound and the quality of the image is breathtaking; I have a 50" plasma 1080p so the $98 toshiba from walmart was a super deal. I just got TRANSFORMER this movie looks great.

tatical3751d ago

That $98 Toshiba you got from Walmart is only 720p/1080i. It's kind of meaningless to get a 50" plasma 1080p, and then get a 720p/1080i HD-DVD player. That match-up is a litle half-baked.

blackmagic3750d ago

tatical,see the links in comment 1.7

truegamer123751d ago

I think it really depends on the movies

Marty83703751d ago

No. HD DVD is dead.......

ruibing3751d ago

Is this Lindich guy spamming about HD-DVD, didn't we just get a column from him earlier today? He's making an editorial reply to his own column? He sounds like an HD-DVD advertisement, mainly because he strategically left out a lot of recent developments and understated a lot of important things Blu Ray has going for it.

speakthetruth3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Your idol doesn't think so:

Dwell on that.

If I had a PS3, "I" would buy the HD DVD player after reading this.

gtgcoolkid3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Still want to go to HD-DVD?

speakthetruth3750d ago

Your post is dishonest and so is neilson. Neilson Data doesn't include Wal-mart and other chains. You're spreding useless propaganda, here it is from your CEOs mouth again:

That is not propaganda.

Quit with your lies. Read my link and make up your mind.

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DJ3751d ago

If so, Blu-ray is a much better investment. 90% of movie studios support Blu-ray, so the selection is pretty awesome.

speakthetruth3751d ago

That was probably the biggest load of crap I have seen on this site to date.

blackmagic3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Actually, both formats have about the same number of titles released so far. 343 bd vs 330 hd

As far as studio support, go ahead and take a look at the major studio catalogues for yourself:

Universal is massive (a bit over 7500 catalogue titles):

And Paramount/Dreamworks ain't too shabby either (a bit over 3700 catalogue titles):

Compare that to:
Columbia/Tristar (a bit over 4000 catalogue titles):

MGM (a bit over 3200 catalogue titles)

Disney/Buena Vista (a bit over 1700 catalogue titles)

20th Century Fox (a bit over 1400 catalogue titles):

Sony Pictures (just under 600 Catalogue titles)

Lions Gate (just over 200 catalogue titles)

You see, Universal alone is larger than MGM, Disney/Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Lions Gate combined.