Deus Ex: Human Revolution Japanese Gameplay Trailer

Watch over 3 minutes Deus Ex: Human Revolution Japanese gameplay trailer

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Kyosuke_Sanada2291d ago

Looks impressive but I really wish they gave this more time. The A.I looks like it may need work too but it may have been set on Easy.

fluffydelusions2291d ago

Yeah I hope that is the case. All reviews thus far have given it very good scores.

clarkjudo2291d ago

Trailer stopped less than half way through. But I agree it was most likely on easy. I would personally hate to die and be recorded for all to see. The game has gotten high scores already, nothing to worry here. :)

badz1492291d ago

retarded AI always made it to retail. have you seen those from Crysis 2?

jetlian2291d ago

Man i'm so broke right now. I was gonna wait for it to drop in price now i gotta find some money