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Final Fantasy XIV 1.19 Patch Will Be a “Veritable Monster”, Will Come in September

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida detailed today the content and changes coming with patch 1.19, defining it a "veritable monster" due to it's size an scope. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Naoki Yoshida, PC, PS3, Square Enix)

Kurisu  +   1478d ago
Seems like they are gearing up towards a PS3 release. GamesCom announcement, maybe?
Abriael  +   1478d ago
I seriously doubt we'll see it at Gamescom, maybe Tokyo Games Show, it's more in line with their market.
Kurisu  +   1478d ago
True. September will also be the first anniversary of FFXIV, so what better time to announce the PS3 version. Here's hoping.
Ethereal  +   1478d ago
I will be picking this up for PS3. I have been following the new dev teams changes and they look like a winner in my book. See ya guys online when it finally comes out!
Kurisu  +   1478d ago
Same here ^^ I've never played an MMORPG before, FFXIV will be my first one. I was disappointed when the PS3 version was pushed back indefinitely, but with all the changes and patches I'm glad that they made that decision. Seems like it's going to feel like a whole new game.
Ethereal  +   1478d ago
Yea had the beta test and it was horrendous when it originally launched. Looks like it will be what it should have been when the PS3 version finally arrives.
evrfighter  +   1478d ago
I still have my version installed. I play it once every 3 months or so. It's still lacking so I hope this does it
VampiricDragon  +   1478d ago
They should of just buried this and left it dead
Kurisu  +   1478d ago
Too much money has been invested in to this game to just drop it now, and think how bad it would make them look if they did. From following the letters from the producer it seems that SE is genuinely sorry for releasing a game in such a poor state, and they are doing everything in their power to try and make things right.
Baka-akaB  +   1478d ago
or you could just leave it alone seeing how you aint playing it either way , and it doesnt affect your gaming habits .

While people who already bought the thing could maybe expect better .

FFXIV launch was horrible , but it's not as if there has been many successful mmo launch . Nor is it as if they dont usually vastly improves over time
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Abriael  +   1478d ago
@vampiricDragon because it's so much better to drop games that launched badly and screw people that paid for them instead of improving them, and giving people that bought them their money's worth, right?

Trolls shall be trolls, I guess.

edit: meh, reply fail.
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greyhaven33  +   1478d ago
I will be giving this a try when it releases for PS3...take your time and get it right, lots of games coming out to tide us over
Ddouble  +   1478d ago
That is a big list of updates they have there. I hope all the hard work pays for them.

FF fans have a lot of games to look forward to in the coming years.
1PC2PS33360  +   1478d ago
the console version of this game would be best left to the ps4, honestly, the ps3 version would look awful, it looks beautiful on my pc and runs quite well, granted my pc is in order of magnitude stronger than the ps3 by around 20 fold!
Basjohn  +   1478d ago
Have you not seen FF13? It looks amazing on PS3.

Amazing to the point it took me a good 2 hours into the game to figure out how to tell the fmvs from in-game cutscenes.

If optimized in the same way I doubt it will look bad at all.
1PC2PS33360  +   1478d ago
totally agree that ffxiii looked incredible, but it was a linear single player game, with pre-rendered non-interactive backrounds

A game with 5000 people running around and a landmass of one zone larger than the entirety of ffxiii....

Trust me I have palyed the pc version, the game looks awesome, but it will not look a thing like that on the ps3!

I wish it could truely as the game needs more players, it has some wonderful ideas but they will not be able to be fully executed until these dudes start making lots of $$$$
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Leonesaurus  +   1478d ago
I'm thinking once 1.20 is done and complete they will begin preparing for the PS3 relaunch of this game so you guys can join us in Eorzea. I really hope you guys are able to get on board soon, they game's really starting to heat up!

But I'm positive PS3 players will have an extremely nice first impression of the game, compared to us when it first came out, so I hope you guys really enjoy it and get into it!

I just can't wait for the Chocobos and beastmen stronghold raids myself! Been waiting since day 1 for those myself, very eagerly! XD

*pst* Join the Selbina Server~ LOL Very active server!
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