Disaster: Day of Ubisoft's Wii Problems

Surfer Girl reveals some dirty laundry of Ubisoft and Nintendo with the stories of:

• How the marketing and executive types in Ubisoft have turned the development of Red Steel 2 into a "nightmare."

• How Nintendo tried to sabotage Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 so that the third-party title from Ubisoft would not compete with Nintendo's own Super Mario Galaxy.

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MK_Red4051d ago

"Nintendo tried anything they could do to refuse to give their approval; for example, in one instance, they said that one of the clouds in the game was shaped like Pikachu."
Wow, that's stupid. How can Nintendo be so childish?

Danja4051d ago

Nintendo products are for kids ne ways..they over at Nintendo got so use to making things for kids that they've actually adopted the mindset of kids also...!!

riqued4051d ago

It's not "childish", Nintendo cares about business and money as any other company in the world.

MK_Red4051d ago

"Nintendo cares about business ..." if so then why it didn't worry about Guitar Hero 3 Wii, Zack & Wiki, Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 Wii and many other Wii games coming out?

riqued4051d ago

I am sure a company as big as Nintendo knows what they are doing, if they think that Ubisoft game is a problem for them then it probably is.
And if they don't care about other games being released then its probably not a problem to them.

They are only thinking in making more profit of their own games, they are not jealous of the game or anything childish like that.

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tk4051d ago

They don't want to alienate the 3rd party publishers from the Wii. They got up quickly to the top of the console race, they have a handicap when the other consoles can keep on with HD content.

ruibing4051d ago

So basically as long as 3rd party developers don't release games when Nintendo's own AAA comes out, they'll support those developers.

As far as I know, I don't think any other console does that. Some 360 games simply chose not to come out when Halo 3 did, and PS3 games can't wait to come out since they haven't really been much interference in the same genre yet.

If you add this up with the low attach rate, hardware limit (no HDD and etc), and the mass amount of software titles (both good and bad ones) you need to compete with and stay on top of, the Wii isn't exactly the perfect platform to develop for as some developers have been praising about.

TruthbeTold4051d ago

Who knows if the Rayman thing is true or not. Disheartening if so. But as far as the Red Steel 2 rumor goes, if it's true, I'm glad someone stepped up to the plate. The Wii can't afford to have a sequel to Red Steel being as bad as the first or anywhere near it. Postpone it indefinitely if necessary. Just get it right...

jackdoe4051d ago

If true, it could explain some recent comments by Ubi about Nintendo losing support and Microsoft and Sony benefitting.

bootsielon4051d ago

The only genre anyone would like to play on Nintendo systems is "Nintendo" games, and frankly, I've played "nintendo" for almost 23 years already. Fvck Nintendo, Ubisoft doesn't know how to choose parters

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