Gaming Matters: The Best Year Ever? "'s hard to deny that 2007 has probably been the best year for gaming that I've seen in my lifetime, which either betrays my youthfulness or shows that developers and publishers might be doing something right. There's a thought! It's never been too fashionable to give credit to publishers for good work, but in a year where there seems to be a quality release around every corner, surely publishers should get some of the credit too?

Maybe, but what I'm really interested in discussing is whether this deluge of games is indicative of some kind of trend or whether 2007 has simply been a coincidence - one which won't be repeated any time soon?"

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tony4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

there is not doubt about it. this is the best year in gaming history, and next year will be awesome too.

Keowrath4053d ago

Personally? Not by a long shot. Sure the graphics are nice and everything but there hasn't been a single game up till now this year that screams at me best game ever!

I've been playing games for years, I've seen many consoles come and go, some do incredibly well, some flop and some fade into nothingness.

IMHO this current generation has been the worst since 3do/atari jaguar era(BUT!!! It's still early days) there is a lot of interesting stuff on the horizon that if done well, could push us into the greatest gaming era ever but so far, first person shooter after first person shooter with pretty graphics does not make this generation the best ever...

There's been nothing like streetfighter II, no amazing role playing games (yes I know mass effect and final fantasy XIII are due out soon but that's not NOW) Oblivion was again pretty but had been done before in morrowind and even daggerfall! Tekken5, Virtua Fighter 5. Pretty but again no major improvements over previous installments.

Show me some new ideas and then we can talk about best year ever. Until then it's just a prettier generation of what's already been before.

tony4053d ago

best year ever, not best game ever. stay on topic.

Keowrath4053d ago

lol what?

To be the best year you would need the best games... And... In fact, why am I even replying to you???

Read the whole of what I write before you call me out for being off topic. Idiot.

Skerj4053d ago

Hell no, 2007 was good but Keowrath was correct. All we have are better looking versions of stuff we've played before. There are quite a few stand out titles so they're by no means bad games but best year ever is a lofty claim, and one that has to make you really think about what you've played this year as a gamer. I'm looking forward to 2008 because there's about 8 games that are looking to shake up the industry and they finally start taking advantage of the current systems hardware to innovate gameplay as well as graphics.

tony4053d ago

tell me which year is better than this year in video game history. tell me cause i don't see it.