Did Sony's CEO Dig Blu-Ray's Grave?

The format war has been ongoing for over a year, and despite the fact there is no clear winner, Blu-ray has gone so far as issuing press releases in the past to declare itself victorious.

But it seems Sony has now realized it's not in the ring with a push-over, and winning the format war is not going to be as simple as the cocky Blu-ray camp has boasted it to be.

Going into the all-important holiday season, Toshiba has been hawking its players for as low as $200 in the U.S., while the cheapest Blu-ray players are twice as much.

Furthermore, Sony seems to be suffering from, er, Blu-balls, after Paramount Pictures announced it was going to put out to HD DVD exclusively.

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Meus Renaissance4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Simple answer is no. Honestly, you'd think HD-DVD was selling like the Wii from reading these headlines on N4G. Blu-Ray is selling just fine. I don't dismiss HD-DVD but to make it appear that its winning the format war, when all these articles imply a case of neutrality, is stretching it.

These headlines won't cause people here to go out and buy the cheap HDDVD players. In fact, how many here who "support" HD-DVD actually go out and buy movies on that format?

I support Blu Ray and buy Blu Ray movies. What I am dismissing is the bias towards HD-DVD without even owning the player/movies. We know about console fanboys but alteast they own their console of choice and hence have the right of word to make a case for their purchase. And yet we call THEM pathetic?

Now watch the "Blu Ray is dead" sentiments roll in, because obviously the daily media bashing of the PS3 is drying up recently. I guess "the others" are now focusing on the movie format war, searching for anything that isn't positive towards Blu-Ray (and hence the PlayStation 3)

ActionBastard4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

How do you keep your composure and write such logical, thought provoking comments? I, for one, have strained in the past trying to do just that. I owned a 360, a Wii and currently own a PS3. 360 was unreliable so I got rid of it, Wii just wasn't a good fit for me (my daughter, yes) and the PS3 is, well, the PS3. I too support Blu-ray. Not because I own a PS3, but rather, because I owned HD DVD. Picture was nice, but the lack of content is why it is no longer in my house. BD offers more, not just a movie format, and will continue to dominate.

EDIT: When I say "lack of content", I am speaking in terms of my personal preference. I like the Pixar flicks, I like Spiderman, I like Simpsons, I like James Bond, I like Pirates and on and on. When I had HD DVD, I owned Batman Begins and King Kong. To go into a store and want to buy the HD version of movies I just listed, the choice was obvious. HD DVD DOES have movies, no one could argue otherwise. Just not ones I want in HD.

Baron794053d ago

Lack of content? You must not be taliking about HD-DVD's IME , which is the $hit.
Bluray has 406 movies
HD-DVD has 372 movies
As far as the movies go it is total prefrence. No bashing intended but HD-DVD has the more adult movies IMO, plus the IME, you could argue Blueray is lacking content.

ruibing4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Yeah, every family man bought a next gen player for hi-def porn just to share with his family...

Ju4053d ago

Well, one cheap offer made me go out and buy that A2. But because it was $99. I wouldn't have done it for $199, though. And I still take BD first and get HDDVD if I can't get the BD version. I haven't had the urge to get to many HD-DVDs, yet. Almost everything is available on BD, some SiFi series I gotta get on HD later, I think (but have seen them all, so no need to rush).

But I kindof agree. If you have BD, there is not much content, which you would miss. Actually I was pretty disappointed and was close to regret my purchase. I have yet to justify it, but currently its more like I try to get some movies to not let that thing idle around.

OmegaKulu4053d ago

I don't care about movie format, I don't buy movies, but since i own a ps3, i do rent blu-ray from time to time. However, I do prefer blu-ray when it come to PC format, there are time I want hard copy of data, the data per layer make more sense on blu-ray(since at this moment both burner and blanks cost about the same).

Baron794052d ago

Get your mind out of the gutter man , I wasn't talking about those adult movies! I'm taliking about movies rated R and with more adult themes. Movies that don't have a Rat or Bear or a talking Car in them.

enzobot244052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Yeah... Black Hawk Down, Closer, American Psycho and (soon) Sin City. Yup, I guess Blu-ray is only for kid's movies. Let's do some calculations here:
Disney supports Blu-ray. It's obviously that Disney makes kid-oriented films.

So what? Are PG movies bad for some reason? Is Star Wars a bad movie because it's PG? Is Ratatouille a bad movie? You're really splitting hairs, man... and I smell desperation.

On a side-note: Stop with the silly, HD DVD is the "movie-lover's" format crap. I highly doubt that Spielberg, Coppola, and Scorsese care about PIP and HDi. If anything, Blu-ray's higher storage allows for better video and audio... making it the "movie-lover's" format.

Baron794052d ago

Star Wars is awesome! Who said anything about PG movies sucking? I am sorry I am not interested in Ratatouille, like I said in my previous post, it is about preference. I smell defense-full-ness. About IME , Blueray wishes it had it. It is the profile everyone is waiting for , No? The mythical 1.1 to support PIP\IME.Where is it? It is obviously important to someone as no BD player from here on out can be made without it. Another reason why HD-DVD is the true format for Movie Lovers, IME has been working on HD-DVD since day one. And stop with your silly "higher storage" crap , space has NEVER been an issue, my HD-DVD's look and sound incredible!

ruibing4052d ago

You have to love how analysts are just looking at standalone player sales and Paramount's switch, but not the sales. If you look at the recent chart of sales ratio, it has been increasing in BD's favor in spite of the spike in HD-DVD player sales.

All I know and care about is that the Ocean's trilogy and a bunch of Pixar movies just came out this week, so I won't run out of movies to watch in the BD camp anytime soon.

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HarryEtTubMan4053d ago

Blood mask you're a desperate little prick. Blu Ray is destroying HD DVD on a weekly basis...has all the industry support in the world. He was just *acknowleding* HD DVD nad their lower price and how it was making it more difficult for Blu Ray. PS3 is selling well right now. We know it.And year after year its just going to get better... Blu Ray will win.Go cry about it

hitthegspot4053d ago

In Q1 you will all see what Sony truly thinks of you. The truth will become clear when Blu-ray 1.1 movies start to enter the market and no PS3 update. At that point you will reflect on the message that Sony is greedy and released a spec before it was ready.

WAR_MACHINE774052d ago

you do realize that any device that plays bluray sold after oct 31 has to have profile 1.1, and this includes the PS3. So why don't you explain to the class why exactly you believe sony is not going to update the firmware on existing PS3s.

4053d ago
AnalFace4053d ago

What BS news.. tut tut Bloodmask

Mr PS34053d ago

Erection bloodpiles when yet again you found a little negative news about the PS3!! Your desperate give it up

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