Who will buy the slimmer PS2? Aren't there more PS2s than humans nowadays?

CVG don't know a single person that doesn't either own a PS2, or did own one and has relegated it to eBay to make space for a shiny current-gen console. Yet not only is the PS2 still selling, Sony is about to release yet another iteration of the machine. But who is going to buy it?

There are people out there - people who wouldn't mind the odd Street Fighter bout, Guitar Hero session or SingStar party - who aren't serious gamers that'll slam three-figure sums of cash down on a console. For those people, even the £180 Wii is not worth the investment.

Then there are the really young nippers whose parents choose not to spend big bucks on advanced technology for little Jonny to drop, throw and generally mistreat.

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happyjimmy4049d ago

Well there are about 6 billion people on the planet and 100 million ps2s so there are still many who can still buy a ps2.

Thugbot1874049d ago

Yes, but you have to account for those who don't play games and those in areas of the world where video games aren't going to make it.

One other thing that's denied by fanboys is how many of those PS2's are re-buy's for those who's PS2 died.

Jandre024049d ago

Its the same thing I would think. Sure not as many total, but percentage wise? Yeah it may be the same.

IntelligentAj4049d ago

I wondered the same thing when I heard they were releasing a new PS2. I think it's mildly counterproductive to moving the PS3's that they want to move.

jackdoe4049d ago

I think it is to counter balance the 40gb PS3s with no BC.

Enigma_20994049d ago

... and you honestly think no one will buy this... yeah, okay.

Dannagar4049d ago

Yeah, Sony has sold 120 million Playstation 2 systems but I would say that 2/3rds of those systems are not working. The average consumer doesn't know that if they open their system and clean the dust off the laser, it will start reading again. And of course, there are a large percentage of systems that just won't read disc's no matter what you do.

As long as their are people in this world that don't take care of their electronic equipment, there will be room to sell more PS2's.

BrianC62344049d ago

Stop your loser Sony hating. I bought a Playstation on the first day and it lasted long enough to get me to the PS2. I bought my PS2 the first day and it still works. Now I have a first generation PS3 and it works great. The only Sony console I had go out on me was the Playstation but that one wore out just as the PS2 came out. Sony knows how to make hardware, unlike a certain software company that makes buggy software.

Dannagar4049d ago

It's not like I just made this up. The technical issues of the Playstation 2 have been well documented over the years. You act as though I just insulted your boyfriend.

ratcha4049d ago

Ok. I gonna be GENEROUS and give you that 2/ that from the 100 million and combine xbox and xbox360 (I gonna be GENEROUS again and let you keep your total without subtracting any 2/3rds from microsoft lololol) ...use your calculator and tell me witch number is greater: ps2 units sold or xbox + 360 combined sold?!! lolol

Dannagar4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

What does my comment have to do with Xbox 360? While we are at it, why not compare the sales of the Super Nintendo to PSP?

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Chubear4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

HA! Look, people were still buying the PS1 in 2005. Why's eevryone trying to spin the success of the PS2 as a bad thing for Sony? The PS2's success is obviously a bad thing for the likes of the 360 and wii. I mean hey, if people are buying your last gen product over the competiton's current gen products then the competition really have a lot of problems cause what does that say about the popularity of their product?

PS2's still being bought by people only helps the PS3 more down the road. If people are buying the PS2 over the PS3's competitors, it only makes sense that when the PS3 becomes more affordable for them in a number of years they'll go with the brand they know. Hey, if they take a last gen product over a competitor's current gen machine there's no way when they want to make the jump 3-4 years from now that they'll pick up a 360 or even wii. They'll pick up the brand they're used to that has the library of games they know and are used too.

Sony's never been about short term gain. It's always been about down the road and that mind set is what enables them to dominate at the end of each gen. If you come into this industry with a 'right-here right-now' mentality, there's no way you can hope to win a battle that takes the better part of 6 years to play out. That's just too short sighted.

The PS2 is only doing what the PS1 did but better as the PS3 will do what the PS2 is doing... but better. It's a marathon not a sprint, if you run a marathon like a sprint you obviously will get pwned.

jackfatal4049d ago

there is around 100 million people out there are waiting for ps3 price drop to be 200-300$ and we will see 300-400 which is not bad at all in mid 2008! so expect at least 30 million will move on by the price of 300-400 and the rest u know the best!!

Close_Second4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

...although there might be 120 million PS2s sold there is no way that there are a 100 million PS2 owners waiting to upgrade to the PS3. However, we're both speculating so there is no way to be sure in either instance.

I personally feel that the PS3 will only gain mass market appeal when its price is dropped to the $200 mark and its also repackaged into a much smaller SKU. Lets face it, the current PS3 SKU is a monster and does not fit easily into kids bedrooms as well as the PS2 does.

If Sony wants to get the existing PS2 user base to migrate to the PS3 it has to start working much harder and leave the arrogance at home. Oh yes, it was a mistake to remove BC from the new PS3s. That to me was a great selling point for people to upgrade - being able to use all their existing PS2 games.

Chubear4049d ago

Yup, it'll blaze through the market in 2010 like wild fire when the price is like $299 or $249 just like when the PS2 dropped it's price really low 4 years into the race.

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