Sony CSR: Dust Doesn't Void Your PS3 Warranty

The Consumerist have an audio recording and transcript of a conversation with a Sony CSR saying dust should not void a PlayStation 3's warranty.

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ElementX4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Are these recordings legal? Do both parties know they're being recorded? He rambles something about recorded for quality and training ect but does he actually ask the Rep. if it's ok to record him? I don't hear that.

TheExecutive4054d ago

actually recording someone on the phone is state specific. It depends on the state you are in. However, I dont know what happens when it goes across state borders.

Baba19064054d ago

well its not allowed in Switzerland but so arent death sentences =D.

gamesR4fun4054d ago

legal has hell
same blurb they gave him and they can record whatever they want

Dude did a good job with this cheers Heres hoping they straighten out this bullshit [email protected] crap $ony service lets give em a call ng4.

Real Gambler4054d ago

Price of the PS3 is down. Great games are coming out. So fanboys have nothing else to say against the PS3 anymore. Next step: create story where ONE user has a problem with a "power surge protector" or "dust". No record, no proof, but you only need to post that on a blog and sure enough, this is quickly approved by the usual N4G fanboys who somehow hate the PS3. In my area, if you pull a fire alarm switch and there's no fire, you get a fine. I think if you pull story like that and they get proven wrong the next day, you should have your posting priviledge revoked for a few months. After all, this is NEWS 4 GAMERS, not story created by ONE user, then posted as news by the usual fanboys....

It sad to see so many people with so much time on their hand when they could be playing instead : )

Enigma_20994054d ago

This call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes...

Area_514054d ago

is doesn't matter if the conv. is legal as long as the public sees what in the hell is gone on

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4054d ago

Whats with people inventing BS on PS3? 1st Power Surger voids Warranty. Then Dust voids Warranty.

Let me guess next! Using blu-ray movies voids warranty!

iilluminate4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

It's sad that parts of the media are making the problem sound worse than it is. Since the reported problems with the 360 people have been too quick to jump at every problem someone claims to have with their console.

I know one person who is nearly into double figures for their Xbox 360, and a handful of others who had to get a replacement unit. I've had my problems with it too, although I've not had to send it back yet. Whereas I don't know anyone personally who has experienced any hardware issue with their PS3.

I guess my point is that the criticism of the 360's reliability is justified. Hardware problems should only be given widespread coverage once they are proven not to be a one off incident.

scrillakiller4054d ago

cuz theyre pissed that their xboxs red ring out.ps3 is the best man.uncharted ftw

cloud360-7th_account4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I knew it was BS. Comapies try to create loyl customers, as do sony, and they would not do this

Advice: their are times in you life when people will try to take you down, they envy you and are jelaous of you. They will try to make you look bad

Dont worry PS3 ^ Jealous nutshells, remember this "what goes around comes around"...

bluebrad19744054d ago

You didn't listen to the recording did you? A sony customer service rep says dust doesn't void the warranty, but a head Sony repair exec says it does. The guys warranty is still voided because of dust.

bluebrad19744054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

You can tell by his posturing that he is readying an argument for court. This guy is obviously extremely pissed, and I don't blame him. Sony will end up trying to settle it out of court. I personally hope he takes it to court and sony is put to task for using the umbrella term "neglect" as a warranty pitfall.

Topshelfcheese4054d ago

You need to wake up, every expensive piece of hardware you buy has a Neglect clause. Stop trying to blame Sony for protecting themselves from idiots who dont care for there own property. Its like buying a new car, never getting the oil changed, and then when the engine dies, expecting the car company to repair it for free.

I wont go ahead and say this guy is outright lying, cause frankly I'm not 100% but I do know a majority of people don't properly care for there property.

bluebrad19744054d ago

A car and a game console are two very different things retard.

rushbd4054d ago

you are pathetically hilarious .

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