PSN - Toy Home footage

Two videos of Game Republic's upcoming PSN game, Toy Home. It's already out in Japan and will be hitting the US store in the near future.

Second video in the article.

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whateva3964d ago

it made Me feel like a kid again just from watching the video.

TruthBTold3964d ago

I actually prefered making dirt roads in my backyard and loved toy trucks. If they would have levels like that it would convince me to buy it for sure. I would imagine something like Honey I shrunk the kids when they're in the grass with the "giant" ant. That would be cool and fun.

Vojkan3964d ago

who ever is playing this, definitely doesn't know what he/she is doing

Chubear3963d ago

So 5-10 year olds shouldn't be catered to? So parents shouldn't have the option to affordably have fun with their kids? That was rather ignorant don't you think?

Karebear3964d ago

Reminds me of Disney's Skate Adventure for the PS2

Chubear3963d ago

See how these games catered towards young gamers are coming out as $5.99 PSN DLGs and they'll get even better and better as time goes on. I mean look at this game, it's just pure fun for all the family. I can play this with my little boy and his mom and totally enjoy myself.

There's no doubt a game like this on the wii would retail at the ridiculous price point of $50. Wii games are the worst value and rip off I've ever seen in gaming. It feels like damn robbery. I know you wii fans will be angry at my comment but come on, you don't feel riped off at paying $50 for games that are done on last gen formats? when the same tech is used in PS2 games that are seling for $30 brand new?

Come on, that can't possibly be acceptable.

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