NfamousGamers - Catherine Rap

JeromeChance "Sending you on a chaotic mind trip with their lyrical exploitations, the guys at Broken Pixels take a trip of their own while reviewing Catherine from Atlus."

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chidori6661988d ago

wow this rap is terrible...

JeromeChance1988d ago

Which part? The whole thing? The flow? The soft part? The lyrics? The beat? The transition? The references? The voice? Do you mind being a bit more constructive?

Nightminx1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

really? why? If you respond like that it would be helpful to explain why.

MarronMarvel1988d ago

I always enjoy these. Good work, as always, by the entire team!

NuyoRiquena1988d ago

Unique approach to the integration of the game's music. Well done!

JeromeChance1988d ago

Soft isnt necessarily my forte but I had fun doing this one.

NuyoRiquena1987d ago

I like that you are willing to try new things and see what happens. Kudos on having a steel pair!