Player impressions of the Dualshock 3

A lucky owner of the Dualshock 3 posted his impressions on the new controller at the Official Playstation Boards.

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Violater4052d ago

my pre-order import got screwed up.
Maybe when supplies pick up I can get one.

lynx1halo4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )


a pathetic response to my clearly stated QUESTION LOL SO MANY DISAGREES AND STILL NO VALID ANSWERS, ..i enjoy rumble on my PS2 controllers..but we were promised much more than standard rumble for PS3...and i for one feel let down

jackfatal4052d ago

i will give u an answer!
there is no direction vibration or there is but not so strong as people wish or there is but they didnt unlock it yet!!
besides dont complain when 360 doesnt have it as well!!

godofthunder104051d ago

i'm no noob or what other names that people call other people because i think it's childish but i posted an article a while back about the rumble in the six axis controller saying that it would be a regular rumble because there isn't a thing as a nextgen rumble like sony claimed it would have.
the reason that sony didn't put rumble in the ps3 controller at first was because sony and microsoft was sued by the company that invented it because they didn't get permission to use it from them and they took them to court.the court ruled that sony and microsoft didn't get permission to use it and they both was ordered to pay millions back to the company that invented it.
microsoft paid them right after the rulling and made an agreement to pay them so much to use it in the future but sony refused to pay and was appealing the ruleing because sony thought that their customers wouldn't miss the rumble because of the six axis controller but when the majority of their customers started complaining about it not having rumble sony drop the appeal and made the same agreement that microsoft made with knew that it wasn't true when they said they didn't put rumble in was because it didn't have any room.
i'll admit that i have a 360 and love it and i'm not planning on buying a ps3 but i want say that the ps3 is garbage,a papper weight or other crap like that because the truth is the ps3 is a good system and people have the right to buy the system that they want with out people calling them names just because they bought the system that they don't have.
i want say that a game sux just because it's not on the system that i have.some ps3 fans said that halo sux and the only reason that it sold a lot was because it was on the internet,news,and in tv commericial and it's not true because every game is on the internet,news and in tv commercial just like halo 3 and the sony fans that said it will be the first ones in line to buy it and a few others 360 games if it was on the ps3.if a game sale that many copies then it must be a good game and it is far from sucking like some sony fans said.some 360 fans do the exact same thing for exsample some 360 fans said that killzone 2 will sux and it want sell a lot of coppies because the last one suxed but i'll admit that the ps3 has some games that i'll like to play and killzone 2 is one of them and if it was on the 360 i'll be in line to buy it and the ones that said it suxed will be in line to.
i want say that the 360 is flawless just because i have a 360 but the ps3 isn't flawless either like some sony fans claim.the truth is that the 360 is better at some things then the ps3 and the ps3 is better at some things then the 360.
like i said before i have a 360 and i love it and i'm not planning on buying a ps3 but people have the right to buy the system that they want without some one else saying that it suxs or calling them names.
fans from both sides better stop wishing that the other system fail because they might get what they wish for because it might come true.if the ps3 or 360 fails then the whole game community looses because the game companies will make shorter games,they will be half as good as before,and they wouldn't take their time to put extra suff on the games,for exsample like drills in madden, all you would have is just the season mode and nothin else and they would still sale the games for $50 to $60.then in no time the fans of the winning console would start regreating that the other one failed.
fans from both sides want admit it but you really need both systems to play all the good games and i'n tired of hearing that a console sux and all the games on it just because they have the other console even when they wish that some of the games was on the console that they have.i want lie,advertize,or call other people names just because they have the other console because microsoft and sony doesn't give a damn about us, all they care about is selling their systems and if they have to lie to do it then they will.i like to know why some people do this because they want receive a damn dime from them and they don't really know what's going on in sonys and microsofts offices,like sony and rumble,people belived them and argued about it when they said it wasn't enough room in the controller for it and it weasn't true.
i've read a lot of posts where sony fans said that microsoft is the only company that pays to have games on their console but the truth is that sony does the same thing,they pay the companies money or give them certain assentive instead of money but it all equal out to the same.if sony didn't do this and only other companies did then sony wouldn't be where they are right now,instead of being one of the biggest electronic companies in the world they probaly wouldn't even exsist.the people that belives sony doesn't do anything like that is just being silly because if you think about it and be honest instead of bias you would see that if sony didn't do that then all the games will be exclusive to other consoles and sony wouldn't have any games because it would be stupid on the game companies to give the exclusives to sony for free when they could get paid millions and still have their games on the 360 wich accounts for 50% of software sales.
i'm not trying to make sony look bad but even sony fans that's not bias should know that sony has some kind of deal with a company if the company game is exclusive to the ps3.

LosT---SouL4050d ago, way to take flaming to a whole new level

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Sevir044052d ago

i plan on getting one just not at launch. too much money i'll be spending next week. there EYE of jugdement, and ASSASSIN's CREED, and if it's true uncharted on the 15th 3 games i cant wait to play. tooo much, while money aint the issue, it will be next month becaus eof the bills and morgage ^^ soll i'll just hold off

Sevir044051d ago

SEVIREDgamer add me and we'll get to playin

Ares844051d ago

Anyone what's to play me??? PSN: Ares84

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy4052d ago

I'm holding on to my sixaxis for a while until I can be sure that Dualshock 3 has a decent battery life.

ruibing4052d ago

I'm getting one at launch in the U.S. since it really won't cost more than $50 I think. I've read people saying that its battery life is pretty good and it handles PS2 games well, so I'm definitely getting at least one to complement the two SIXAXIS that I already have.

feejo4051d ago

Battery on dual s. should be better than the OEM PS3, cause DS drain bat. The best deal would be toget a DS controler and disabling DS. Anyway it shouldn't be a problem if you have a long cord to recharge your controler.

resistance1004052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Nice round up there.

my should be here by the end of the week, (i went with yes-asia and got lucky) i know a lot of you have been told they haven't got enough, and will post my impressions at the end of the week

Edit - I got a disagree and a bubble lost for a fact? (i.e. me getting the DS3 very soon)

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