The making of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Core Design's next-generation Lara adventure was going to be the most dynamic, daring and darkest to date. It's got the dark bit right.. The stress fractures were clear a long time before Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was released. In May 2002 at the E3 conference in LA, Eidos showcased 'playable' levels of the game which were little more than short animation demos. For a game due out 'imminently', it appeared woefully incomplete.

Fast forward to Sony's PlayStation Experience at Earl's Court in September the same year and the public was able to see the next-gen Lara for the first time. Able to play the opening level – set in a Parisian backstreet – the disappointment at Lara's clumsy negotiation of a dumpster followed by some awkward ladder climbing was tangible.

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marcdz14051d ago

Someone please give this games controls and graphics and update. This game has not been next generation since the first one and those of us who first played it on the first Playstation know it was a good game but it was just that. Never got over the hump or onboard in regards to gameplay or graphics. Besides most or I for that matter have move on to multiplayer/online games or just better games over all. I don't expect this game to sell out. That's just my opinion though.

Dannagar4051d ago

I played the Tomb Raiders on Playstation and Dreamcast in addition to the last two that came out on Xbox 360. I avoided Angel of Darkness (although I actually own it). One of these days, I'll put it in and find out why it's such a bad game.