Carmack: Doom 4 Is So Big It May Not Fit On PS3 Bluray Discs

John Carmack of id Software warns that Doom 4 is likely to contain so much data that it may not fit on discs, not even Bluray.


The Turkish website from which the information was pulled have re-translated the quote from Carmack so that it now reads: "There is a decent chance we will fill the PS3 Blu-Ray with more data than we ship on DVDs for Doom 4". This means that the PS3 version may contain more content than the Xbox 360 version, not that it may not fit on the PS3 Bluray disc. Slight error in translation, big news still though!

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aviator1892476d ago

This game is going to be insane. I've got the same amount of anticipation for this as much as I have for half-life ep 3.


An excuse to make shitty console versions? They got 120 gig blurays now, but even so...50 gigs not enough?.....come on. Uncharted 2 was 23 gigs and that was a masterpiece

Ducky2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

... except size has nothing to do with how good or bad a game is.

It's like saying that a 1000-page novel is better than a 500-page one.

Perjoss2475d ago

lol at the disagree of FatOldMan's comment!

There are many DS games with 10/10 score and they have TINY file sizes, I think they cap out at 256mb and go all the way down to 8mb :)

turgore2475d ago

Remember, the ID tech 5 engine takes A LOT of space. Just look at Rage.

blitz06232475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

So use 2 blu-rays... and 10+ DVDs?

Solid_Snake-2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

yeh and uncharted 2 was linear with fake back grounds. could be done on the xbox on 1 disk. the blu ray wastes resources and makes the games look bigger than they actually need to be.

as for carmack...yes you are one of the greatest devs out there...but god are you ever happy with anything. every other dev company is managing amazing games this gen so just get on with it.

just because your games take a whole gen to make it doesnt mean we should have to worry why your late to the game.

MidnytRain2475d ago


Nothing you said made any sense...

I mean, if you have mountains hundreds of miles away in the background, why would they actually render that. THAT would be a waste.

Mc Fadge2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

@FatOldMan and Perjoss

I believe REDHULKSMASH is referring to console versions getting lower resolution textures and models which would take up less space.

To take FatOldMan's analogy and improve on it - It's like having a 1000 page novel and having an abridged version at 250 pages. Sure the story's the same, but there's detail missing.

BubbleSniper2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

fail Hulk. Id has been working on new ways to develop games since Rages inception(before that even), breaking free of the norm. Doom 4 will showcase something so awesome that i can only refer you to Google to look up what Doom 4 is about.

I am expecting something major. and if Id is saying that Bluray is not enough then Kojimas words just got echoed from someone else's mouth

badz1492475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

but everytime I read a comment from Carmack, he sounds more and more like Peter Molyneux!

Disccordia2475d ago

Sounds like it'll be a next gen game for sure

Arnon2475d ago

More like...

"I'll release it on PC, and wait another gen for the consoles to catch up."

Sony3602475d ago Show
zag2475d ago

It's only the textures being super size so you'd be talking about 3000x3000 size textures.

Only the PC GFX cards can handle those textures, and even then you need the 3+gig ones to make any use of them as each one will be 500meg to 1-2gig in size.

people with the PC version will upgrade the texture in mod packs but I don't know if it's worth it really.

IF the game is going to be 20+ discs and you have 5 blu-rays who is going to bother with downloading 100+ gig game just to grab a few extra textures that only people with the very top of the line PC GFX cards can use.

pixelsword2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

"Solid_Snake- + 6h ago
yeh and uncharted 2 was linear with fake back grounds. could be done on the xbox on 1 disk."

...Yet, it seems that Uncharted 1 can't be done on the 360...?

At any rate, Carmack has already gained my respect for being honest about rage losing one faction because of the 360, so I am not doubting that he telling the truth in terms of a PC-equivocal-looking Doom on the PS3 (as Carmack said people said Rage looked like a high-end PC game, so I'm assuming that Doom will be an improvement graphically).

Yet, let us see how many discs it will be on the 360, seeing that one standard BD is equal to five DVDs. If Carmack is as rock-steady honest as he was for Doom, 360's Doom won't be on two DVDs.

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Sugreev20012475d ago

@ FatOldMan

I absolutely agree.On Topic,I'm really not enjoying these John Carmack interviews.His boasts are getting rather annoying day by day.I prefer console gaming to PC gaming,though I used to game on PC a lot as a kid in the 90's,and many of my all time favorite games on it were usually made by Id software.In fact,as a developer,his comments should solely be on the game he's making and what he's bringing to the table...but without knocking down on other companies,especially since his product is not even on the market yet.He might be a legend,but we are not forced to like him.

Exoil2475d ago

@badz149: Remember though that up to to this day, Carmack has always delivered.based upon his hype for his games.

That's a hell of a lot more than you can say about Moleneux!

flankhim2475d ago


jeseth2475d ago

LMAO... Yeah Right.

Then how many discs will the Xbox 360 version be? 8 Discs?

SOunds like developer inadequecies to me.

seinfan2475d ago

It's probably uncompressed audio. But this supposed size does pose a problem for PS3 games because the PS3 can only read up to a dual layer disc.

DeadlyFire2475d ago

Well its more than likely they are just hinting at disc formats they believe Sony and Microsoft will be picking up for next generation of consoles. Like 120 GB Blu-Ray and HVD discs for Xbox 360? Maybe 3D Disks. Their aim is likely to push for 100+ GB disc format towards Sony and Microsoft.

a08andan2475d ago


Well if it is too big, it hurts!

paintsville2475d ago

Well ps3 has to get extra content to make up for the ps3's pitiful performance. Dropped frames, torn frames, dumbed down effects, etc. I mean Carmack already said that PS3 was SECOND best console and 360 was the BEST console (FACT). Oh it's a good day to be a 360 gamer.

Achtung2475d ago

not even remotely true

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SilentNegotiator2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

DOOM 4 must have a LOT of hallways.

When you suggest that, all I can imagine is a bunch of id tech employees discussing their next game; Someone then suggests a more opened up Doom 4 with less corridors, everyone looks at each other seriously, and then all of them simultaneously burst out into laughter like on a TV show.

Chnswdchldrn2475d ago

for all we know they may be making the game truer to the older Doom games, with far more open environments full of a bounch of demons, which would indeed take up more space than a corridor shooter like doom 3

STONEY42475d ago

Last I heard in an interview (with the writer I think) about a year or two ago, it was taking place on Earth, and you would go through cities and such. I'm guessing more open environments would also go along, since it's not like Doom 3 where the whole game is spent in a research facility.

SilentNegotiator2475d ago

Don't worry, STONEY4, they'll make sure that the buildings and rubble make convenient paths.

BlindGuardian2475d ago

blu rays can have multiple layers, they can do 5 layers now, that's 125 gbs

xCaptainAmazing2475d ago

Ya but more layers means more problems. It's bad enough the PS3's drive can only pull in data at 2x read speed. 5 layers deep you would be seeing awful read speeds and major performance issues.

A newer blu-ray drive would likely be able to compensate with higher read speeds, but they can't exactly just put a new one in. Would have to wait for next gen.

Rhythmattic2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )


PS3 standard drive is no slouch..

So I don't have to type it, heres a link..

Christopher2475d ago

@xCaptainAmazing: PS3 BD is at a constant 8x read speed, which on average is faster than DVD9, which has a variable rate.

Multiple layers would allow for up to 22GB of data to be stored on a second layer that could be installed on the HDD or just be comprised of audio data, which is what takes up most space on discs right now.

fr0sty2475d ago

Actually, there are 8 layer 200GB blu-ray discs available, though they currently cost too much for mass production. they do conform to blu-ray spec though, so ps3 should be able to read them with a fw upgrade. this is what i think ps4 will use as it's primary optical format.

frankrobs32475d ago Show
_Aarix_2475d ago


Apparently both consoles can't do crap. Their both heavily limited in completely different ways.

Bull5hifT2475d ago

Wow bigger than 300 gigs, ive read theyve been able to do that for years and they could double side the disk for 600 Gigs , then i read Holo Disk did 500 Gigs , then i read about 1 being able to do 2 Terabytes..... Thats a big Headache of course as time passes tech will get more smaller and doo much more, im Excited to see the Ever Lasting Battery Technology Using Micro Fibers that always Make a Charge... A PS:Vita with a Ten Year Battery Life

MEsoJD2475d ago

Just Carmack mentioning Doom 4 gives me a huge boner.

aGameDeveloper2475d ago

Did it last for more than four hours?

scotchmouth2475d ago

If so please consult your doctor. Remember to tell him that Doom 4 has caused an erection lasting more then 4 hours as this may be a medical emergency.

PRHB HYBRiiD2475d ago

Can you say 6 xbox 360 discs?

showtimefolks2475d ago

and they do have 120gb bluray disks now so no excuses.

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DigitalAnalog2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

And yet, I'm pretty sure he would be able to find a way to put this game into 2 360 Dual-Layer discs at 16GB Total.

You've heard it from me first.

-End statment

andibandit2475d ago

Honestly those programmers are no good, if they cant fit the game onto a Blueray disc

nirwanda2475d ago

At deadlyfire i will be surprised if ms at least use a disk format next gen, i think it will be all downloads and something like a removable hdd for peope that buy games from shops and to keep retailers happ, and a system with alot of ram so there are no streaming issues.

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-Alpha2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

There's a Doom 4!?

Also, not surprising. PC gaming is beginning to make that next gen jump. It's always ahead, but as this gen is seemingly winding down the PC is in the forefront of next gen.

Battlefield 3 will usher in next gen PC gaming, everything after (if it's not dumbed down or ported towards a console focus) ought to look more impressive

LOGICWINS2475d ago

I've noticed that theres a lot of adversity towards PC gaming on this site.

Ducky2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

... ain't as bad as the adversity towards some other forms of gaming.

PC gaming is just a wildcard that the two main factions praise when it's in their favour, and bash when it isn't.

Also, BF3 isn't really doing much to usher PC gaming forward. It just has the marketing behind it, so they can claim to be doing wondrous things, but in reality it is not all that different from the rest.

-Alpha2475d ago

"PC gaming is just a wildcard that the two main factions praise when it's in their favour, and bash when it isn't"

You got that right.

BF3 is doing wondrous things: the multiplayer with full destruction, 64 players, and in-depth features with the new engine is something very impressive and consoles are beginning to get stripped just to compensate

Solidus187-SCMilk2475d ago

lol. of course there are alot of people against PC gaming here. Everyone argues about tiny differences between consoles, but dont want to hear about how much better a PC game can look.

Its always been like that but now the difference is beginning to really show and the next gen of consoles is coming and that makes all that arguing pointless.

My PC is old I need a new one soon, Ive been waiting for diablo 3 and its finally here soon. Its best just to play on consoles and PC.

vickers5002475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Because the PC will always be ahead in graphics, no matter what. It's hard to be impressed with what a PC can pull off when it has endless capabilities.

But when you look at what developers can pull off with a console (RAGE, Killzone, Uncharted 2, God of War 3), you can't help but be impressed that they managed to squeeze such amazing graphics out of such weak hardware.

Also, where I'm from, most people don't even consider PC gaming as a viable platform. Honestly I only know about 3 real life people that play games on PC, and 2 of those people only play World of Warcraft. It sucks, but it's just the way things are.

NeoBasch2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Um... I'm against PC gaming because it's not exactly fit for an ideal home theater setup, especially if I want to enjoy my gaming on a screen larger than 40" and more space for guests and speakers. Besides, I hate playing off the keyboard. The mouse is fine, but I need a more refined controller built for gaming. I guess I'll just have to miss out on all these big fancy-smansy games. They're too good for me. *rolls eyes*

Carmack needs to get his head out of his ass. Instead of getting more creative, he'd rather cop out. Nice talent. -_-

fr0sty2475d ago

If PC can just keep from shooting itself in the foot with DRM.... but being an open platform means piracy, which means DRM (have to be online to play, for instance), it's a vicious cycle.

ATi_Elite2475d ago

lots of rogue anti-PC comment here so i'll set the record straight.

To understand PC Gaming it's best to be a PC Gamer. The next Gen of PC Gaming is NOT BF3 but more like FireFall or Planetside2 which are MMO/FPS where 1000's of gamers will fight each other and the environment in real-time over HUGE game worlds.

Graphics in PC Games is a process that's constantly evolving. HL2/Doom3 to BF2 to ArmaII/Crysis to STALKERcop/Metro2033 to BF3 to Arma3 etc. New techniques and processes are always coming out but you do have games like these that just combine a tremendous amount eye candy to show off all the techniques at once.

Sure BF3 is getting all the hype but games like FireFall and Planetside2 are PC Games that will push the platform further ahead to it's "Next Gen" as the transition to the MMO continues and give Devs a taste of what's next for consoles which is the MMO/FPS.

So online all the time DRM is no big deal as more PC Gamers begin to play MMO's more than stand alone games which require a constant online connection anyway. The Next Generation MMO is the next "Big thing" and I got a list of 6 or 7 I'll be playing myself within 6 months.

and I'm positive Next Console Gen MMO's will be the main driving force of consoles.

Big_Dom2475d ago

Having just recently completed the original Crysis, I'd say PC gaming moved to next gen some time ago, because that game looks almost a generation apart from anything I've seen on the consoles. Nothing touches it visually on Xbox or PS3. Anyone who disagrees with this comment is either a spastic, a fanboy, or just hasn't played the game.

andibandit2475d ago

we still havent seen the true potential of the PS3

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MrAwesome2476d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

50+GB, how many discs would that be on DVD?
Judging by the past 3 days of news it seems like Carmack wants a new console badly

cannon88002475d ago

like over 9000 or something

d3nworth12475d ago

Was that a Vegeta joke?

cannon88002475d ago

@d3nworth1 yes it was :P

PirateThom2475d ago

About 6, but that doesn't account for, say, data that has to be duplicated across all the discs (sound effects, textures and so on).

morganfell2475d ago

More than 6. You cannot do simple division and be accurate. There are textures and audio that must be repeated across multiple discs. Textures require space as does uncompressed audio. Depending upon game design, multiple maps may need to be repeated across several discs as well.

blumatt2475d ago

Yeah, it's funny how some people at the beginning of this generation were saying that bluray wasn't necessary and was just a waste of money for the PS3. And now some devs. are really starting to utilize all that extra space. We're getting free games from a lot of EA games on the same disc (Medal of Honor.)

I hope that Doom 4 is as good as the old ones. It should be since they're saying that it's going to take up so much space.

Istanbull2475d ago

You would need a massive dvd collection to fit Doom 4 on 360.

ASTAROTH2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

How about that?? Carmack wants a new console badly ?? Its FIRST current gen console game hasnt even being released and the guy is already crying. . . Come on how long I waited for a great iD game since DOOM3? But the guy is releasing a game ( wich I think will be amazing) and then start crying about the need of a next gen console?? Imagine if more devs do that because they dont wnt to "waste" resourses on current gen consoles. The gen may last 2 years the most!!... WOW!!

Keep working Carmack and lets the fanboys like Cliffy B do the talk... LOL!!

Chocoboh2475d ago Show
ASTAROTH2475d ago

Hey Chocobo... Why so ofensive?? Is he your father or something??

I know he is a developer you dumbass!! I didnt said somthing bad about him. We gamers are the one who bough games no matter wich developer or console... so its not fair that after just his first game on current console, he is already complaining when there are other devs like DICE, Crytec and other 3rd party multiconsole devs squeasing the hardware they have and not thinking so much at what is or not posible.

Jesus you guys are so closed minded its funny!!!

_Aarix_2475d ago

Cliffy b's a lead developer of a popular AAA title with a hot gaming girlfriend and all anyone can want. while your just someone with a computer and the ability to type. Haters gonna hate.

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Godchild10202476d ago

So this will be the first game to take up more than 50 gigabytes? Lets see it happen Carmack.

That means Doom 4 will take up 6 or more disc on the 360? Lets see it happen Carmack.

That means there will be no cut content right Carmack? Let's see it happen Carmack.