Did he just say what you think he said? - "No more Heroes" Trailer

No more Heroes looks to be yet another step by the Nintendo Wii to shed it's "For kids only" stereotype, as this new Trailer shows.

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Skerj4056d ago

This game is the sole reason I'm picking up a Wii, I'll grab the other stuff as an afterthought in a couple months but I am going to play the hell out of this. Suda 51, you are the man.

KidMakeshift4056d ago

My ears are still recovering from that one

TruthbeTold4055d ago

Or Red Steel...
Yeah, I think I'd prefer subtitles.

Darkiewonder4056d ago

It'll end up going the route of Zack and Wiki.

Anyways, Can't wait. Haven't bought a wii game since... Last year? lmao

cooke154056d ago

You know.. we kinda dont care when you last bought a Wii game..

Chubear4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Not so sure about that. This looks like it could be a hit in Japan and we all know NA wii gamers are really looking forward to this in any attempt to prove the wii is not kiddy.

I think it could be a hit, however, if it's a huge hit, wouldn't that start giving the devlopers ideas for multiplat potential?... or is this IP owned by Ninty?

ParaDise_LosT4056d ago

Gore + Wii + Violence = I like

BrotherNick4056d ago

haha, that expletive is so random. :D

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