Madden NFL 08: Madden Sim Week 10

Week 10 actions features Colts v. Chargers, Browns v. Steelers & Jags v. Titans. See how Madden NFL 08 played out all of the Week 10 action!

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dfcm20034050d ago

EA really needs to update Big Ben for the Steelers, He is at least, in the last few weeks, been in the same class as Brady, 5 Td's in a half? whats up EA?

donscrillinger4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

EA needs TO UPDATE THIS WHOLE GAME .I THINK THEY SHOULD HIRE THE 2K SPORTS TEAM FOR THERE GAMES or PUT ARCADE BEFORE EVER sports game'''''' ARCADE NFL MADDEN 09 etc.the game is very not an SIM PLAYING GAME sorry :(.!!!i cant wait till this wack azz deal is over its like an bad plague or something.