Far Cry 2: It came from Africa

On their triumphant return from a recon trip to Kenya, Will Porter talks lions, elephant charges and piles of excrement with the creators of Far Cry 2.

In March 1898 two maneless Tsavo man-eating lions preyed on workers during the construction of the Ugandan railway. The pair, part of a testosterone-charged sub-species of lion local to the area, killed an estimated 135 people - their efforts later immortalised in the film The Ghost and the Darkness.

In late July of this year five men from Ubisoft Montreal were spending a night under canvas in the same area. "We couldn't see anything - we just heard an elephant scream in panic about 20 feet away from camp," explains a grim-faced Alexandre Amancio, the game's artistic director.

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predator4056d ago

this game is shaping up to be real good, lets hope they get this right, a lot of work is going into this as you can tell from the article

kss4056d ago

so did my next door neghibor

tony4056d ago

welcome to the jungle. very nice indeed.

lawman11084056d ago

And I have no doubt this game will suck too. In less then 200 years Americans went to the moon, in over 2000 years Africans still p.iss in their own drinking water.

tony4055d ago

that is sad, very sad words. u should seek professional help.

Gamingisfornerds4055d ago

The game looks stellar and the fire effects are insane, but I can't stand looking at any jungle anymore!

It's true what people say: The jungles are the new corridors.

Bring back some imagination into video game enviroments, please!