Surfer Girl: Kingdom Heart III, Heavy Rain, KotOR, Street Fighter IV, etc.

The mysterious industry "insider" Surfer Girl answers even more questions. Here are some highlights. (These are direct quotes as she does not seem to like others paraphrasing her.)

• An Animal Crossing MMO would not see release outside of Japan.
• A new Skies of Arcadia for the Wii seems to be a yes.
• KHIII (Kingdom Heart III), if it is coming out, is definitely coming to the Wii.
• The next KOTOR is being worked on at BioWare, pre-production and some early production has been done internally at LucasArts, though.
• Street Fighter IV is 2d/3d/cell-shaded on the PS360.

In addition, her long list of comments covers:

The Jet Moto series, Twisted Metal 3, F-Zero, Wave Race, Luigi's Mansion's 2, Excitebike/Nitrobike, 1080, Punch-Out remake, Shenmue sequel, Microsoft and Rare, Heavy Rain impressions, Wario World sequel, Itadaki Street DS and PSP for the US market, It's a Wonderful World for the US market, Capcom and Square characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ghostbusters game, a new PSP, Beyond Good & Evil 2, an Activision title for the Wii Zapper, and Factor 5's plans for the Wii.

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MK_Red4054d ago

Loved this one. Cool info on Heavy Rain (Can't wait). Street Fighter 4 is 2D/3D/Cell-shaded for PS360? PURE AWESOMENESS.
And last but not least, Beyond Good & Evil 2 for PS3 and 360 (And Wii), More pure awesomeness.

Chubear4054d ago

Well the 2d/3d shade thingy is already known... or so I thought since Capcom brought out the trailer for it. It's obviously taken the cell shading art direction from the trailer we've seen.

HeavyweightInTheGame4054d ago

I was so p*ssed when I heard they were calling it quits on that series.
BTW who is this girl? Are these just rumours or are these things actually going to happen?

InMyOpinion4054d ago

It would take loads of money to make a worthy sequel. Come on Sega! Ruin yourselves again!

TheHater4054d ago

What? Kingdom Hearts III for the Wii. Dam that sucks. But I hope it not true, but if it is. i am getting it for my Wii. But I really hope it come out on the ps3.

Chubear4054d ago

It wan't said it was coming out ONLY for the wii. It stated it was DEFINITLY coming out on the wii.

ruibing4054d ago

Same here, I hope it stays on the PS family.

Ahhhh4054d ago

"The next KOTOR is being worked on at BioWare, pre-production and some early production has been done internally at LucasArts, though."
yayayayayayayayayayayaya. Hopefully this KOTOR will just just as good or better than the first two. I wanna hear more bout this. Soon.

ShiftyLookingCow4054d ago

and accroding to Surfer Girl its offline. yay! KOTOR does have a story, I certainly would love to know what happened to Revan, according to a recording left by Bastila(is she even alive?) in KOTOR2(my choice for Revan was light side male, not sure about canon), he went to outer ridge of the Galaxy to fight some unknown force.

Eclipticus4054d ago

A new Twisted Metal? sweet....
A new skies of Arcadia, swashbuckling air pirate Action on the WII?
and finally KOTOR 3? KOTOR and MASS EFFECT... Bioware is the bomb...

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The story is too old to be commented.