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CS:GO - Doomed on Xbox 360, but Not the PS3

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has just been announced, but how will it fare on the Xbox 360 with Microsoft and their infamous update approval system? (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Bigpappy  +   979d ago
I love predictions. It is another word for 'guess work'.

I did not read the article because the title sounds like a baseless comparison, that only exsist because fanboys fight over the 2 systems.

But don't let me stop yah.
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iamnsuperman  +   979d ago
Well then read the article
ddurand1  +   979d ago
seriously. if you had read the article you would have seen what a reasonable, well thought out article it was.

it makes alot of sense. its a shame you missed it. but i guess thats what fanboy tunnelvision will do to you.
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Agent_hitman  +   979d ago
The title is interesting, It's obvious that two words are appropriate for this "Bragging Rights"
gamingdroid  +   979d ago
You do know that the reason why MS puts a restriction on the patch size, frequency and quality is to ensure devs don't ship you a broken game they intend to fix later by using you as a beta tester.

We don't want patches to fix broken games repeatedly or worse patches to fix patches!!!

Yup, it has happened.
mastiffchild  +   979d ago
@gamingdroid-you ARE having a giraffe, aren't you? Since when did ANY Bethesda game launch this generation on 360(or anywhere else) than wasn't glitchy as all hell and, for many, plain broken pre patches? If what you say is true then just how bad does a game need to be before MS consider it a paid for beta? All it REALLY means is shedloads of LITTLE patches rather than sorting out en masse surely?

Has MS allowed Valbve to have mods imported to L4D1 and 2 on 360 that game would have been comparable to the greatness it is on PC and as PS3 had us cooking over UT3 mods I fail to see the harm in it happening over Live too and PSN more often in future-why ever not? I don;t think MS have to be so heavy handed in trying to get a bit of every DLC pie on Live do they? It wouldn't cost or hurt them and they'd get great PR from, it.

Allow console gamers to cook over PC mods for some games-it can work and hurts nobody.

Fanboyism shouldn't, either, come into this and /MS have a great chance to show Gabe that what he intimated on Sony's stage last year about closed off Live need not always be the case. Prove him wrong and make a lot of curious 360 gamers happy-and , Sony, do more like UT3. Any news of a WiiU CSGO? Mods allowed with friend codes?

OH, I'm guessing what's in the article as it won't load for my phone for some reason. I always wondered why we didn't get to see more mods brought over to console too.
MrBeatdown  +   979d ago

You're saying it like it's a good thing.

It's a pretty poor attempt to prevent the release buggy games. If Microsoft is really that concerned about buggy games, they should approve the games pre-release, not limit the amount of fixes. Prevent the problem, not the solution.
fr0sty  +   979d ago
gamingdroid, I agree with you that it does put pressure on the devs to get it right the first time, however there are certain instances where it can get in the way. We've heard devs say before how they are limited by how much free DLC they can give away on 360, and that's likley because of this regulation saying they can only have so many patches (free dlc would likely be considered in that category). So, it's a double edged sword.

For instance:

""The Free Roam Pack was originally planned as a free download, but due to the platform networks' restrictions on numbers of free packs we can give away (and our promise to bring you the free Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack"..."

Quoted from R* games.
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badz149  +   979d ago
"You do know that the reason why MS puts a restriction on the patch size, frequency and quality is to ensure devs don't ship you a broken game they intend to fix later by using you as a beta tester."

Aggesan  +   979d ago
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Steam support which the ps3 probably will have and the 360 won't. That's another major reason to favour the ps3 version over the 360.
bayport  +   979d ago
Is he suggesting that SONY doesn't have a stupid QA process like Microsoft?

Well he's wrong.....PS3 exclusives have to deal with the same bullcrap. It's just how consoles are.
goflyakite  +   979d ago
gamingdroid  +   979d ago

***If what you say is true then just how bad does a game need to be before MS consider it a paid for beta? All it REALLY means is shedloads of LITTLE patches rather than sorting out en masse surely?***

Obviously it doesn't prevent buggy games, but it certainly makes you think twice about shipping a buggy game you have limited ability to fix.


***If Microsoft is really that concerned about buggy games, they should approve the games pre-release, not limit the amount of fixes. Prevent the problem, not the solution.***

Obviously MS testing their third party games aren't realistic. However, if you read developers report they all speak very highly and how rigorous of MS testing methods and certification process.


***gamingdroid, I agree with you that it does put pressure on the devs to get it right the first time, however there are certain instances where it can get in the way.***

Thank you for being neutral. You are right, it can swing the other way as it has in many instances. Absolute rules are rarely if ever perfect. All I'm saying is with the bad, comes the good.

***Quoted from R* games.***

Why not just add everything into one pack? Which is what R* did.

Also, although it seems reasonable to guess MS since they have a history of being more strict, it was never specified in the original source, which is R* press release. It simply said "platform networks restrictions"... it could have been another platform.

source: http://www.rockstargames.co...

I certainly don't want gazillion patches to a broken game, that said I have seen far too many patches on many games on Xbox 360... so it seems MS is more liberal with some titles than others.
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MrBeatdown  +   979d ago

"Obviously MS testing their third party games aren't realistic. However, if you read developers report they all speak very highly and how rigorous of MS testing methods and certification process."

But is it any more realistic to expect that a developer's QA could find and squash every bug and glitch that millions of users could potentially find over a period of months?

Fact is, hindering solutions (the number of patches and free DLC packs) does not solve problems. Sony, as far as I know, puts no limits on patches, yet PS3 games aren't any worse off than 360 games.

If lazy devs releasing buggy games really was a problem, those devs should be held accountable, rather than restricted to how much, and how often, they can fix their game. If Microsoft was really serious about it, and knew a dev's previous game was unusually buggy, they'd bar that developer from releasing their next game on 360 without proving there was significant improvement in their QA.

And, it wasn't directed at me, but you said... "Why not just add everything into one pack? Which is what R* did."

There's a simple answer to that. Because then it can limit the free content to paying customers. Rockstar was forced to bundle free content with a paid expansion, which essentially defeated the purpose of free DLC. You can't tell me that is in any way good for the gamer.

Limits on patches just aren't a good thing. RDR and Team Fortress shows it's a hindrance to devs trying to enhance an already great experience. Fallout: NV and a slew of multiplayer games show it isn't a deterrent or an effective preventative means to keep bugs to a minimum. And PS3 games prove it isn't necessary to keep devs from releasing shotty games.

And worst of all, if a dev is limited in the number of patches they can issue, they will use them sparingly. They can't issue immediate, small fixes because they need to hold off until they can squash a number of bugs. That just means players have to deal with bugs longer, as a dev waits until releasing a patch is worthwhile.
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gypsygib  +   979d ago

Just as many or more 360 games ship with bugs, Crysis 2 for example has a horrible grain bug that Crytek won't fix - probably because it will cost them money to release the patch!
evrfighter  +   979d ago
As much as I hate ps3 fanboys and enjoy it when they nerdrage. Gabe is singlehandedly changing the way we game. If there were one developer that led the way this gen it would be him.

In this case the ps3 will have the full support of Valve. That much is confirmed. The only way It'll work on 360 is if Gabe can get M$ to pry the lid off their closed sytem they have now. If he does that he deserves a statue.

But for some reason I don't see cs doing too well on 360 to begin with. I see 360 gamers as gamers that need their aim bots. They probably couldn't handle the amount of skill that's involved with cs anyway.
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PirateThom  +   979d ago
Microsoft's patch size restriction has nothing to do with QA, it's to do with the fact they have consoles that either lack a HDD entirely or have very limited space.

The patch size limit is just another problem caused by Microsoft's lack of foresight.
Karum  +   979d ago
Yeah no need for all those patches to fix game breaking bugs and glitches in every COD game that gets released every year.

Basically anyone that plays those games online is an ongoing beta tester.
RustedMan  +   979d ago
Although Bigpappy sounds rather paranoid in his assumption of a flamebait article, I must admit that the title sounds more biased then it actually is.

great read though!
pixelsword  +   978d ago
@ gamingdroid:

Nice try.
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meetajhu  +   979d ago
dude read the article first. It clearly states Microsoft restriction to allow frequent updates otherwise it will end up being like a broken game like Black Ops or cods. None of the games are 100% perfect even with 10 patches.
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gamingdroid  +   979d ago
You do know that the reason why MS puts a restriction on the patch size, frequency and quality is to ensure devs don't ship you a broken game they intend to fix later by using you as a beta tester.

We don't want patches to fix broken games repeatedly or worse patches to fix patches!!!

Yup, it has happened.
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limewax  +   979d ago
Lol you sure it isn't because after an update is of a certain size, or contains too many free gifts, MS charge you for it? Since, y'know....It's happened in the past
miDnIghtEr  +   979d ago
But COD Black Ops isn't broken. Maybe on the PS3, but why would you play it on PSN? I've never seen crazy glitches and bugs while playing Black Ops and they hot fix the game all the time.

Counter Strike was doomed ever since it was announced as an Xbox Live arcade game... make it a real game. Not an arcade game.
TKCMuzzer  +   979d ago
Surely your using 'guess work' in your comment if you have not read the article.
XGamer  +   979d ago
Doomed? Ha ha ha not even close.
myself and the "inteligent" owners of an XBOX 360 would like the system to stay closed like it is now and has always been.
It's arguably the best gaming system there is, much much better than ps3 and pc.
The Xbox LIVE feature is closed and will not go down for months like ps3/psn and pc has no organization for online and always always always has bugs errors etc... and rarely plays a game smoothly.

This is hands down a no brainer and will make more sence to those that appose it in the next couple of years with the next X gaming system.
KratosGod3  +   979d ago
Your comment is a joke, Right???
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XGamer  +   979d ago
You mean like you and your bubbles are?
wicko  +   979d ago
You got the "inteligent" part right, that's for sure.
radphil  +   979d ago
"It's arguably the best gaming system there is, much much better than ps3 and pc. "

I stopped caring at that this point with what the guy said.

It really baffles me how deluded people are saying a static hardware system is better than a constant updated hardware system. I'm talking about him saying a 360 being better than a PC.

Seriously. I showed that statement to other programming co-workers, and they just laughed.
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KwietStorm  +   979d ago
radphil  +   979d ago
Wow....people think a 360 can outdo a top-of-the-line PC?

Glad to know people on this site don't work with technology then.

Either that or it's the same person using 6 accounts to troll.
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Quartx  +   979d ago
People are getting out of hand with the mass disagrees now.
Vip3r  +   979d ago
"pc has no organization for online and always always always has bugs errors etc... and rarely plays a game smoothly. "

Tranlsation: Herp derp derp derp herp.

Steam, for example is far and away better than XBL. PCs have, are and always will be the better gaming platorm.
Imalwaysright  +   979d ago
The fanboyism is strong on this one. Overall the PC is by FAR the best gaming system and the reason being FREEDOM. Freedom software and hardware wise. Mods alone kill the 360 let alone that with a € 500 PC i get a machine that runs circles around it. Even Kinect is somewhat worthy on the PC because of mods.
Bonobo12345  +   978d ago
"myself and the "inteligent" owners of an XBOX 360"

LOLZ If that was unintentional its the funniest thing I've read all week.
The_Con-Sept  +   978d ago
XGamer obviously has never owned an XBOX 360 since launch, has never played a real PC multiplayer shooter game, and will never own a PS3. Why? because he is closed minded. Like the Xbox 360.
theflyindutchman  +   979d ago
funny how u call this article guess work.
u have your opinion ready without reading it, thats guess work.
it's obvious he did his homework on this one.
Solid_Snake-  +   979d ago
microsoft dont wanna charge for bug fixing updates just content updates.

360 is the console of choice for FPS games. 360 has a better FPS controller. multiplat games sell better on the 360 so why would valve have an issue with CS:GO on xbox.

just another sad day on N4G.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   978d ago
It isn't unusual for Bigpappy to miss the point of an article and jump to defend the 360 guys.

Guess he's not the only one.
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vishant101  +   979d ago
i believe it will do better on the 360 than the ps3 as the 360 user base has always shown more support for the fps genre i.e cod battlefield, ghost recon.
Drjft  +   979d ago
Even with the heinous update process?

Thanks for your feedback :)
Hitman0769  +   979d ago | Well said
At least Sony allows updates to come from the devs without making them jump thru hoops and charge money for DLCs they wanted to give for free.

@Bigpappy the fact you're passing judgement on an article and proudly proclaiming "I did not read the article" speaks for itself. You seem to always be judgmental and moody though maybe the problem is your self.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   979d ago
Also PS3 has already proved to work with mods and Steam.

I'm not saying 360 can't do it, because it probably could if MS would allow it, but that's the concern in this article, MS allowing Counter Strike to be Counter Strike.
FredEffinChopin  +   978d ago
He said he believes it will DO better. Portal 2 sold better on the 360 than PS3 & PC, so there is no reason to think this won't.

The PS3 will without a doubt (unless MS becomes a little more flexible with their XBL policies) have access to more features, assuming there is Steam connectivity as with P2, but that has nothing to do with how well the game will sell. Better ≠ do better
wenaldy  +   979d ago
COD on PS3 and X360 both have shown almost neck to neck saleswise..so what's your point?
Asgaro  +   979d ago
Why the disagrees?!

He is right: PS3 has nearly catched up to Xbox 360, knowing PS3 released A YEAR later.
Applause for Sony.
The_Con-Sept  +   978d ago
Exactly. I find it funny how each Call of Duty has only a difference of 1 or 2 million between all three formats. Not 20 to 50 million.
Motorola  +   979d ago
If PS3 has cross platform play, then I think the PS3 will do better.
Micro_Sony  +   979d ago
Cross platform play would be a bad idea because the PC gamers would have an advantage with the mouse and keyboard over the PS3 gamers with controllers.

Edit: Yeah but then Valve would have to implement some sort of match making system that puts people with mouse against each other and people with controllers against each other which will cause the community to be divided - plus you will always have those cheaters that will find some way of exploiting this.

Unreal Tournament 3 was the only game I remember having mouse and keyboard support and it worked well - not sure why more PS3 gamers dont prefer the mouse over the controller when it comes to playing FPS on the PS3.
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Motorola  +   979d ago
Yeah but if it was optional, then it would be better. And PS3 ALREADY has Steamworks
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   979d ago
PS3 also works with almost any USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, it's up to the developer to implement. If they (or anyone else in the future) really consider cross platform play between PS3 and PC I think it's a must and would be a shame not to support it.
trancefreak  +   979d ago
@ Vishant we are talking the frequencies of the game being updated, not how many players will be supporting it lol
Inside_out  +   979d ago
M$ is right...
Why would you let anybody have free access to your network. If you have some patch, it has to go through M$ first...it's their system and their rules..is Steam any different...Karma is a bitch...keep reading...

If memory serves correct, isn't this the same problem that Valve is having with EA...O_o.

Valve is very,very sneaky. They abandoned the xbox 360 TF2 fans claiming they didn't want to charge gamers...how nobel, but why didn't they let the gamers decide if they wanted to pay or not.

Look, I've defended Valve against EA's criminal activity against valve but what Valve did to the TF2 xbl community wasn't right and I feel they are using xbl and PSN as gateways to pull in more gamers on PC and Steam. TF2 is still played around here regularly and I think Valve owes the XBL TF2 fans an apology. Let them decide if they want to buy the map packs or whatever else they put out, if they paid for XBL, then a couple dollars more is not the end of the world....I would buy it in a second because the game is worthy.

Counterstrike came out on XBox 1 and I expect to see it on 360. 23o++ patches is ridiculous for ONE game...O_o...get it right the first time will ya or at least the tenth or twentieth. :/
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Dragonborn   979d ago | Spam
Rivitur  +   979d ago
You have a point the TF2 XBL got screw by the process then Valve sugar coated the situation by saying "M$" was at fault. Knowing that their game was incomplete and needed work that could have been updated during beta testing. Still play it on 360 n pc though <:O
ImpliedDeception  +   979d ago
TF2 on the 360 was never broken, but having played the PC version for almost 4 years now, I've seen a number of updates that tweak the engine for new graphics/optimizations (All that would probably have translated nicely to the not-too-dissimilar 360 architecture) not to mention tons of fan-requested features.

They constantly monitor how players are playing the game to tweak it, in the interest of fairness and balancing the game. http://steampowered.com/sta... (it hasn't been updated in a bit, but it gives you an idea of what they're doing)

I'd be curious if Valve can monitor the 360 players at all, or if Microsoft restricts that... It sucks that the 360 players feel abandoned, it's an awesome game... but, I can understand not wanting to package updates for a platform that you're not making any money from, on a game platform that you probably can't even monitor to see how effective the changes you're making are...
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The_Con-Sept  +   978d ago
Sorry but if you look at how updated the games on Steam are vs the 360... I'm sorry why am I writing this again? Oh yeah because Common Sense is knocking on Inside_out's door but he has become a shut in closed minded gamer.

Sorry but the simple fact is that TF2 has much more support on the PC than the 360. You pay 60 dollars a month to become a closed minded gamer. When will you open your door to the real world?

Same goes to you Microsoft. Looks like NO platform is easy to develop for.
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Theo1130  +   979d ago
It's doomed on both, who the hell wants to play a game that requires extreme precision with a controller...
Micro_Sony  +   979d ago
Bubbles - This game is made for the mouse and keyboard and the developers will have to do some serious tweaking and modification to get it playable on consoles.

Twitch shooter do not work well on consoles FACT.
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Hicken  +   979d ago
And, you know, you can't just plug in a mouse and keyboard, like one of my friends does on his PS3.

Oh, wait...
PHIBALNATION  +   978d ago
Hicken, why are you not playing your great exclusives, you have been on n4g for 2 days straight now, does this console war really bother you that much fanboy. I looked at the times of your post, when are you sleeping? Your sitting on here all day, worried about what people are saying about a videogame console. Are you poor and can't afford both systems? Or are you just a little kid that mommy and daddy got you the console that your friends didn't have, so you have to go on forums and say it's the greatest. You are a weird dude.
Bonobo12345  +   978d ago

LOL yo attack him for being a fanboy, when your just as bad. Looking through your messages it's apparent your an xbot with nothing better to do than come on here to trash the systems you don't like.

what a hypocrite...
Hicken  +   978d ago
I'm on n4g every day. I work at GameStop, so I try to keep on top of gaming.

As a writer, I spend a lot of time on my computer; even when I should be working on a story, the temptation to go online is always there.

And, actually, my friends got me a PS3 as a birthday present a few years back. Friends who all also have a PS3, by the way, and most of whom have owned at least ONE 360.

Since you've gone through the arduous trouble of actually messaging me on PSN about my playing preferences, you should be able to see the large number of exclusives I've played, from inFamous to Uncharted to Little Big Planet to Gran Turismo.

But I don't spend all my gaming time on my PS3; I spend much of my time on my PS2, where I'm catching up on the 30+ rpgs I have yet to beat. You know what those are, don't you? Games that usually require upwards of 40 hours to complete. There are also a few PS1 games I own that I haven't beaten- as well as ones I like to go back and play on a regular basis, and a crap-load of NES and SNES games I still revisit.
Did I also mention that I draw? Whoops. I'm not too skilled, but I also draw a random little comic I've maintained since 2003, as well as various pieces of artwork for the stories I write (mostly swords; if you like, I can send you scans of some of them).

Oh, I'm also working with a few friends to develop our own game. We're making it with the intention of it being a Final Fantasy, but I've made sure to allow so that it could be changed to eliminate any mention of Square-Enix's flagship franchise.

I'm also a bit of a music nut; though I don't sing or play as much as I used to, I periodically write piano accompaniment(difficult to do, because I've never been good at reading music; as is pretty common in my family, I play by ear), and sometimes write a song or rap.

I spend a good deal of time reading, too. Right now, I'm out of books, but come this next paycheck, I'll be picking up A Dance with Dragons (part of the series that spawned the awesome HBO show Game of Thrones) and Chapterhouse: Dune (if you don't know Frank Herbert's Dune, I feel sorry for you), and I'm thinking of picking up Fool's Fate (book 3 of Robin Hobb's The Tawny Man trilogy) and Ringworld Engineers. And, now that I'm on the subject, I may try and find the other Mission Earth books (by L Ron Hubbard, the scientology guy) since I only read book 4. Kim Stanley Robinson Mars books are critically acclaimed, so maybe I'll grab one of those; The Years of Rice and Salt was a really awesome book. My favorite author, Jane Lindskold, seems to be doing ebooks and short stories at the moment, but I'll read anything she pens. Anne Rice also has a new series. I bought my mom the first book, but maybe I should buy a copy for myself, too...

There are also a few comics I collect, too. Specifically the Warlands, Witchblade, Fathom, and Soulfire(you might be able to tell I'm a Michael Turner fan).

Anime and manga are very big interests of mine; I've watched about 11,600 episodes and movies, and read close to 13,000 chapters.

When I'm not doing ANY of that stuff, I'm either sleeping, eating, working, or hanging out with friends.

But yeah, I guess I DO spend all my time here on N4G, never playing all my PS3 exclusives. Can't imagine why I'd be doing anything else.
Theo1130  +   979d ago
For Those of you disagreeing, explain how it could work aside from unlimited re spawns and Aim Assist that automatically goes straight for the head.
Persistantthug  +   979d ago
There are plenty of PC gamer who use controllers for the FPS's they play.
Asgaro  +   979d ago
@ Persistantthug:

You are kidding me right?
Shadowrun was a game where PC and Xbox 360 gamers could play against each other online.

Xbox 360 gamers got mowed down :D
It was so bad MS never made a game with that concept again, although the technology is all there and ready.
MrDead  +   979d ago
Should make it a move game for the PS3 its fast and very precise, you just need a steady hand

Also they could add mouse and keyboard support
#4.3 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Theo1130  +   979d ago
If one person in the server has a mouse and keyboard, it'll completely break the game. Also, not everyone will be using M+KB, so it's kind of impossible to implement.
theonlylolking  +   979d ago
I still dont get why they dont add mouse and keyboard support. It is not as unfair as PC fanboys try to make you believe.

CS:GO is not doomed on the xbox 360 but it wont be as good as the PC or PS3 version.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   979d ago
People keep saying that believing they are oh so good with mouse and keyboard but you know what? I keep playing on PC with a controller (I'm a couch potato and can't really botter to hook a mouse to the notebook) and quite frankly I don't feel at any disadvantage there. Just like I have played online with people using both Move and Dual Shock and it's no big deal. Someone kills you in the game it wasn't because of the 0.02 miliseconds of faster reaction of the better controller, it was because he was better than you, unless the game itself is flawed and one of the option don't work properly.
metsgaming  +   979d ago
There can always be a keyboard and mouse only server/mode.
MrDead  +   979d ago

They might be able to make controller or keyboard mouse only matches as controllers and peripherals are assigned numbers on the PS3 1-4 are for control pads and numbers 5 up are for other things, I think my remote is number 7. The PS3 always knows what controls your using so maybe they could lock you out of matches that are using a different control method to you
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radphil  +   979d ago
I still dont get why they dont add mouse and keyboard support. It is not as unfair as PC fanboys try to make you believe. "

This isn't PC fanboyism talking, but if you played Shadowrun cross platformed, you'd be singing a different tune.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   979d ago

I don't disagree with you, but as I said, if one of the controller options don't work properly it's a flaw of the game, not the controller itself.

Look at it the other way. There's plenty of K/M adapters for both PS3 and 360 so you can use it with any game, but try one and you'll see that K/M will be a disadvantage on a game which wasn't properly designed to use it.

On a game designed to suport both methods I would hardly see a disadvantage on either method, and this comes from someone who used to play PC shooters with K/M daily for almost 3 years not so long ago. A better player, who thinks before shooting, who uses teamwork, who took the time to learn the map design and to get used to his weapon of choice will always be a good oponent, despite the controller he uses.
metsgaming  +   979d ago
We should be telling valve to include the very rare feature that the ps3 can do called mouse and keyboard support. Its rarely used and this is a perfect game to use it on then there will be no problem. We need to tell valve to do it and then cross platform competitive play can work well. Btw i doubt it but i hope that they could put mods onthe ps3 version like surf? Theo this is how it can work with this feature then it can wipe the 360 version outof the water
#4.4 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Pandamobile  +   978d ago
Lol at the console guys that think they'd stand a chance against someone with a mouse on Counter-Strike.
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   978d ago
Hicken, you just OWNED him. I should shake your hand right now.
Agent_hitman  +   979d ago
Here they come!!!!!... I'll hide
Cpt_kitten  +   979d ago
i don't care, im buying it, im going to play it, and i am going to love it as i did the first one

i think im more excited to here the call of duty kids cry like they do with every awesome FPS game that isn't call of duty, that goes for reviewers too, this game will get a load of crap from reviewers because its not call of duty like they do with every other FPS game
stonecold3  +   979d ago
click main page it say doom would fail on xbox but not ps3
KingSlayer  +   979d ago
I can see this performing fine on both platforms. Simply b/c the PS3 has more variety (imo), people forget Black Ops sold a shit ton on PS3...basically, FPSs do fine on PS3. I look forward to what Steam features the PS3 will utilize.
#8 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Jdub895O  +   979d ago
i really hope this is on the wii.
Criminal  +   979d ago
I highly doubt that, so don't have your hopes up.
StayStatic  +   979d ago
Could this mean mouse and keyboard support for the ps3 version and not the 360, i would cry with laughter.

Come on M$ time to open up your doors to the devs.
WhiteLightning  +   979d ago
I know a lot of people who love FPS, a few of them have a PS3....now even though they know that Steam integration could play a big and useful role in CS:GO for the PS3, they would still get it for the 360 because the "majority" of people in that social group will get it for the 360.

Point is people will go with there friends are at, there is a bigger COD/FPS crowd for the 360 so it might end up doing better on live since most FPS social crowds will stick to playing those games on the 360 BUT you can't deny that with Steam integration CS:GO will have much better support making that version better (in terms of deciding which console to buy it on)
josephayal  +   979d ago
The PS3 Is like a $4,000 gaming PC, just for $299
caboose32  +   979d ago
Except not at all.
cstyle  +   979d ago
not even close...lol
solar  +   979d ago
maybe a $4000 PC in 1996
abczby  +   979d ago
@josephayal - Showing how little you know and how stupid you are.
#12.4 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
TheOtherTheoG  +   979d ago
Well, my £400 PC can completely trash the hell out of PS3 hardware, so that's just, well, wrong. The PS3 is equivalent to about an £800 PC from 2005, not even close.
Jdub895O  +   979d ago
if there is mouse and keyboard support then yes, Xbox is doomed.
malol  +   979d ago
if there is x-platform game play like in portal 2
i got to say that's a big plus to this game on the PS3
BeastlyRig  +   979d ago
"Throughout its lifespan, the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2 received only four patches, a water drop in the ocean compared to the 237 patches that both the PC and Mac OS have been exposed to. Why is this? Simply because of the restrictions that Microsoft imposes upon developers."

yeah 360 is doomed indeed!

I am sure Valve will update the game hundreds of times.
jack who  +   979d ago
Counter Strike on xbox 1 says hi
momthemeatloaf  +   979d ago
Damn, MS just got owned in that article.
abczby  +   979d ago
Approval system is just as bad on PS3...?
The example you use is awful. Team Fortress 2 for PS3 couldn't even hold a steady frame-rate, so whether or not it had 5 updates and Xbox 360's version only had 4, it didn't matter. GTFO PS3 Fanboy.
princeofthabay  +   979d ago
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
ImpliedDeception  +   979d ago
Except Valve had nothing to do with TF2 on the PS3, it was a port done by EA. I believe the comparison is being made, with the assumption that you are aware of current events... Steam integration being available on the PS3 and still not the 360.

Either princeofthebay is right about you not knowing what you're talking about, or you live in 2007.
THC CELL  +   979d ago
Valve/EA admitted they struggled with ps3 at first,
I wonder why they are supporting the ps3 now with portal
Hmmmm What looked much better on ps3 by the way.

Valve likes the ps3 more than ur pea brain thinks.. wheres the steam on xbox where cross platform games with xbox and pc and dont give me old games i mean today.
If it was not for xbox we ps3 gamers would get a much better online battlefield 3 game. Think i am kidding yea MAG says hi. It can be done with ps3 and peoples brains are so full of ms cum they are giving birth to bill gates kids out of every orifice in there head
#18.3 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
sGIBMBR  +   978d ago
ROFL, have you actually heard what you're saying? You're an embarrassment to gaming and yourself!
AnimeAvenger  +   979d ago
Well I suppose this is reasonable. But I really wonder if it was a good idea for Counter-Strike to on consoles...I mean a majority of people on consoles will just pass on CS and play CoD. On PC its totally different.
Brownghost  +   979d ago
who cares i dont care about your opinion everyone on xbox will get cod and forget about it me i will be getting this on steam for a great experience this type of game was meant for pc anyway
tickticktick  +   979d ago
Doomed? LOL yet it will be more popular on Live and sell more just like everything else. Xbox owners who love Live will gobble this up 2 to 1 over PS3.
kamakaz3md  +   979d ago
and sadly they will never realize that the ps3 is far more superior when it comes to being a true gamers system... everyone as well as your self just keeps riding and that bandwagon with all the 10 year olds that play call of duty.
annus  +   979d ago
Replace PS3 with PC and you can go one step further.
Brownghost  +   979d ago
who cares the ps3 is already outdated anyway the psn sucks as well also exclusives doesnt make a gamer
FlyShootRaceSims  +   978d ago
@ Kamakaz3md, please define a true gamer and true gamer system? I'm curious to know. School me, would you please?
kamakaz3md  +   979d ago
who cares, screw counter strike...
Brownghost  +   979d ago
have fun with cod :)
DFresh  +   979d ago
Counter Strike is going to fail on both consoles.
Going to be the best on PC as expected.
KonaBro  +   979d ago
The Xbox fanboys are in a tizzy! Keep spinning boys! It doesn't stop the fact that historically Microsoft ha a notorious reputation for making life hell for developers trying to get patches and whatnot into their released games. Hell, even for the last few months we've been getting articles with different developers talking about how much of a pain in the ass it is dealing with Microsoft especially for indie games. Stop trying to act as if Microsoft can do no wrong and that Xbox Live is a perfect system because honestly, it isn't.
#24 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
qwertyz  +   979d ago
and sony has a history of making game development hell for developers all sonys home consoles have always been difficult to code for so whats you're point? all consoles and their companies FAIL. pc reigns SUPREME. pc ftw
palaeomerus  +   979d ago
I don't really care about Counter Strike anymore. Hell I didn't much care about CS Source in 2004.
FlashXIII  +   979d ago
Really? who cares about the console versions? CS is, has and always will be best played on a pc.
AO1JMM  +   979d ago
Counterstrike will not do good on any console. The fanbase is on PC anyways.
Dr Face Doctor  +   979d ago
But what about the Title Managed Storage, which particularly for Xbox Live allows for a maximum of 10mb of file storage that can either be used to add new content or to contain editable balance tweak files that are checked against the game content. I know Super Meat Boy and Monday Night Combat. It's not much but it's more than enough for some text files that dictate weapon variables.
#28 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xtremegamerage  +   979d ago
Cs has always been overrated imo.

Still a good game, just like HL2.
Cpt_kitten  +   979d ago
lol yeah so over rated thats why we get a new CS everysingle year......oh wait thats call of duty

we havent seen a new CS since Source so sit back and see what a real FPS is
FlyShootRaceSims  +   979d ago
I love both my HD consoles but this is crazy; CS must stay on PC! Besides, who'd wanna play this w/ a controller anyway?

Someone in here said there's no difference between a mouse/keyboard and a console controller, lol. A mouse' accelaration is stupidly insane with uncanny up to the pixel accuracy, no sloppy deadzone, shorter throw with the fire button, etc.

If it's coming to consoles anyways, I'd agree that the PS3 version will be the more polished version than the Xbox one as the article explained. IMO, as far as which version is going to be more successfull....the 360 one for sure! Why? Historically, multi FPS games has GENERALLY faired better on the 360. It's a fact, please don't even try to argue.
Dark_king  +   979d ago
FPS games are about equal on both systems now.
He didn't say controller was better then M&K just that he doesn't feel at a disadvantage using a controller on his PC.
Now they should do like Unreal 3 and allow M&K.They let players chose who they wanted to play against.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   979d ago
Oh, thanks for clearing up what he said. I completely misread him I guess.

Yeah I agree they should implement m&k for CS PS3. It's too bad the 360 doesn't support the m&k; I play most of my FPS games on it. I'm just more comfortable with the Xbox controller. The DS somehow give me this terrible cramps on my hands, lol.

I'll be playing it on my PC though. Oh boy, it's gonna bring back a lot of memories. I remember when my friends and I would play this at my local Internet cafe everyday of the week with little to no breaks. Aahh, those were the days!
Dark_king  +   979d ago
Np,I can play just fine with either though I honestly prefer to use a analog over the keyboard for directional controls and a mouse for my aiming.Been thinking about using the moves nav controller with my mouse best of both words.
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