The New Arms Race in Gaming: Facebook vs Google+ []

Facebook claims that Google+ is not on their radar, but that didn't stop them from making immediate adjustments to their games service just after Google+ launches theirs. And unfortunately for most, it translates into Facebook's news feeds becoming even noisier all over again.

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TurismoGTR2475d ago

the pics are Frank Mir Vs Brock Lesnar hahahah..

buckley2475d ago

Well they're 1-1 so still hard to pick a winner here

ATi_Elite2475d ago

I don't think we will have Google Fanboys and Facebook Fanboys trolling one another on N4G! If we did could you imagine that rant session.

I wonder will Digital foundry do Angry Birds Facebook vs. Google?

FredEffinChopin2475d ago

Good read. I didn't even notice there was a games button there for two days until seeing this. I don't know if I'll play though, I've never taken to these social network games. Maybe I'll give the Dragon's Age one a whirl.

miyamoto2475d ago

I finally played Angry Birds with Google Chrome! Nice game!