CVG: The Week Ahead - 16/11/07

This is the strongest week of the year so far, so lap it up while you can. Not just one potential game of the year in this week's list but three: Super Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed and Crysis. Three different games on four different formats, all brilliant.

It's testament to the power and potency of next-generation hardware that gamers can enjoy such vastly different game experiences in a single week. None of these games were even conceivable just three years ago. Crysis has the kind of visual effects that make LSD obsolete, Super Mario Galaxy mind-bending 3D puzzles and a control scheme that constantly surprise while Assassins Creed impresses with its sense of a living, breathing world like no other before.


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misterssippi4048d ago

So I guess they don't see Kane and Lynch as GOTY potential. It could be the black horse IMO, very innovative gameplay.