EA Exclusive NFL License Nearing It's End?

Ripten's Chad Lakkis takes a closer look at the closing of EA's Chicago office and shares his thoughts about its potential connection to the end of the publishers exclusive NFL license.

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Bonsai12144056d ago

to be completely honest, i really hope the license ends. it was completely unfair for them to buy the title like that. i know its good economics, but we, the gamers, lose out on it. for 2 years, EA's shatted out a subpar game with numerous problems and if we want to play a football game, we're forced to buy it. (save 2k's offering)

granted, i don't play madden at all (soccer player for 11 years) but the vast majority of America deserves better..

Nostradavis4056d ago

have to agree with you there.

360sucks4056d ago

2k football is way better then madden

solidt124056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I agree. This will give 2k the credit they deserve. EA screwed alot of gamers, especially PS3 owners with the lame version of Madden 08. It's ok but they cut corners on the PS3 version being lazy.

godofthunder104056d ago

i hope so to because madden isn't really tring to do anything new,they don't even have the online league mode

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Danja4056d ago

lets hope 2K sports buys the license

but I'll take a soccer game over madden ne day...!

lodossrage4056d ago

EA has been pumping out mediocre madden games for too long now. With them being the only OFFICIAL nfl game, they were able to get away with making TINY improvements because they new that we HAD to buy madden games if we wanted OFFICIAL nfl football.

If those 2k football games come back, then it will get EA to get off their butts and make a worthwhile football game. Because those 2k games were really getting good until that liscense bid crap happened.

Sevir044056d ago

i dont want to see another rehash of madden on any system from EA. GOD that game deserves to be burnt in hell. as a matter of fact that game is so broken that i dont know how in the world it escaped from hell's 8th inner circle. and whats worse is the freakin rehashes that EA drops every gets purchased by the fool, and idiot football junkies that cant find a better alternative for a football game. MADDEN SUCKS, PERIOD!!!! and should be condemned to hell along with it's designers for crafting such a horrid game. it totally does the sport no justice, with no improvement other than graphics. it not worth my money and it shouldn't be worth the smart people's money either

beavis4play4056d ago

madden is waaaay over-rated. we need competition to bring back good football games.

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The story is too old to be commented.