Zune 80 Secret Leaked

Have you wondered why the Zune 80 only has 1 color to choose from? Have you wondered if Microsoft is hiding some big secret for launch day? According to Zunescene's source inside of Microsoft, the following information is absolutely top secret. Well, it was until now, here is the exact leak from Zunescene's source verbatim.

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xplosneer3782d ago

Apple has had this for how long now?

FordGTGuy3782d ago

i've never seen an Ipod from factory with custom etchings including 5 lines of text and a logo.

xplosneer3781d ago

Get them from the apple store and have it engraved. I don't think it's five lines but it's there.

cheetorb3782d ago

And the "SECRET" leak makes me want it even more. Whatever Microsack.

Evil0Angel3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

=======" GET LIFE"==========

wh0am13782d ago

that's it?!! that's the secret?!!

And here I was thinking some sort of a corporate conspiracy was going on!

bah...a bit under whelming to say the least

FordGTGuy3782d ago

are such Microsoft haters.

MySwordIsHeavenly3781d ago

And you support this bullcrap?

Bonsai12143782d ago

they'll need a lot more than that if they wish to combat the new line of iPods coming out. (the touch will be getting my business)

and while apple hasn't had the logo, its always allowed 2 lines of text for free. no big deal though. i mean, who wants to look at some inspirational quote on the back of their mp3 player...

FordGTGuy3782d ago

This MP3 player is not going up against the iTouch and if it were then the HDD space is a kick in the butt to the touch. Its going up against the Classic.

Bonsai12143782d ago

agreed. something personal is good, but after a while, anything personalized kind of loses its luster. like i have a pair of personalized soccer cleats which i used to keep in complete pristine condition, but after a while, i kind of didn't care any more and just played the heck out of them.

but each to his own.

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The story is too old to be commented.