Pain – A Declaration of War on Politicians

The video game industry has seemed numerous violent games in recent years starting from Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Series to Manhunt. Some of these games were even banned on the other side of the Atlantics.

Back in Sony Gamer's Day earlier this year, William Travis, Senior produce at SCEA announced that they are working on a game called Pain. They also showed a trailer that reads the following:

"Moral Panic – The false perception that some cultural behavior poses a menace to society"

This quote directly attacks the action of politician, Jack Thompson, who thinks that violent games create future criminals in our society....

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MK_Red4051d ago

Performing fatalities on Jack Thompson in Mortal Kombat Armageddon was definitly one of the highlights of the game. They should put Jack in MK8 as one of game's characters instead of making use create him in KAF.

jackfatal4051d ago

did hitlar play games? did sadam play games??
i say thats bullsh!t!!!!

Chriswsm4050d ago

In todays world of man made climate issues, human greed causing an obesity crisis that will bring health-care to its knees, the human population rising by 2.5 a minute, and organised religion causing the majority of all conflicts WHY THE HELL is anyone taking notice of Jack Thompson?

He is a small man raising a small unfounded problem in a world of massive problems. Get a sense of perspective JT.

~ And while you are at it Jack, grab a PS3 and wait for Pain to come out. It looks like just the thing to help you relax ~