Great Game Companies Gone Extinct

Jeremiah Hisel | Goozernation

With the recent news of Team Bondi's demise, selling off assets, and acquisition by KMM I thought I would list a few game companies we've lost over the years, along with their most received games.

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bustercube1745d ago

It's crazy to see a full list of them because then it really sets in. We've been losing really great game studios since 2000, and it just keeps getting worse. Did any of them on the list shock you?

RyanDJ1745d ago

...does this mean no Baldur's Gate 3? Darn cliffhangers...

bustercube1745d ago

I don't know if there will be a sequel or not, but normally a company will sell off its assets before closing, so another company may have the rights to Baldur's Gate.

TheOtherTheoG1745d ago

There might be, Bioware developed the second game and still own the rights. Very unlikely though.

Kyosuke_Sanada1745d ago

Clover should have been on that list....

DA_SHREDDER1745d ago

Frontlines fuels of war?! That game was a turd in digital form.

majiebeast1745d ago


-Realtime worlds
-Ensemble(Thank you micro$oft :()
-Free radical(If they had only made timesplitters 4 instead of haze they would still be independant instead of making tagged on mp for crysis 2)

iamnsuperman1745d ago

If rumours are true Free radical (now known by the name Crytek UK) are developing Timesplitters 4. I hope this is true.

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