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Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of Video Games

Some people may have a completely unrealistic vision for the next generation of consoles and what they will be deliver. The debates have been raging for quite some time now, but most people are forgetting to look at the facts and come to terms with what we should really be expecting in the coming years. (Culture, Next-Gen)

TurismoGTR  +   1384d ago
to be honest, i dont even know.. I wish the PS9 trailer was real.
Best  +   1384d ago
Apple is going to take over the economy so sorry Sony. Good bye.
NAGNEWS  +   1384d ago
i gotta go to school!
zero_cool  +   1384d ago
The deeper message in that commercial is that sony is always looking so far into the future that they already have have every console generation mapped out a head of time roughly.Ken kutorogi's mind is always looking forward into distant future & the time most people figured out what he had envisioned from the start with playstation 3 his mind was set into the next console gen in advance that just how far into the future this guy looks ahead.
RayRay36  +   1384d ago
lol. This was made before the PS3 was even released. This is old as hell.
CrimsonEngage  +   1384d ago
Game sales lowest since 2006? What games are you talking about? The ones that are NO DAMN GOOD? Because COD, BF, Halo, Gears of War, God of War, MGS4, Mario, Zelda, GTA, Red Dead Redemption and many other AAA titles are selling MILLIONS not to mention a few indie titles like Minecraft.

I actually stopped reading after that line. I'm not getting bored. I can't wait to get my hands on Gears 3, RAGE, Skyrim and BF3.
CowLover  +   1384d ago
My apologies, that intro got tagged on from a different article in reference to this report from Game Biz.


It has since been fixed and the appropriate intro has been included with the article.
-Alpha  +   1384d ago
0o0o0o0o0o Sweet Child o' Mine!!!


All I know about next gen is that Sony wont make a huge jump like they did with PS2 to PS3. The technology is being carried over so by PS4 developing for PlayStation shouldn't be a problem. Affordability + Developer Friendly should be great for immediate launch success
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christheredhead  +   1384d ago
yah i dont really expect to see to many major changes from ps3 to ps4. im sure there will be an overall higher quality for everything, generally speaking, but it just dont expect to see anything thats going to necessarily blow me away.
Dark_king  +   1384d ago
Sorry alpha I disagree just not enough to click it,I think Sony will have a huge leap with their next console.Sony been already showing us the direction they intend to go 3d.So next gen expect a extremely fast high bandwidth CPU/GPU setup with the simple goal of 120-240 fps.
Now the article,since when did resolution become the main thing we consider a jump in system power.Thats like saying NES and Wii are equal because they are both SD.The article writer seems to overlook polygon count,physic,textures,ect...
We gamed in SD for over 30 years,constantly considering that new systems were quite a bit more powerful because they simple doubled their power from the last gen.
RevXM  +   1384d ago
The goal of ps3 was 120FPS.
It sure as hell can do 120FPS EASILY, just need to do some TINY sacrifices.

I would like to have 60FPS@ 1080P with proper AA as a standard next gen.
Jagged, stuttering sub HD and 720p games goodbye.
60FPS is smooth enough.
Dark_king  +   1384d ago
I expect 120 FPS at 1080P to be the standard next gen because of the 3d push.Sony is not going to want their developers having to cut corners for a out of the box feature.Proper AA would be great,I do expect something in that regard.I also expect they will really push the cell tech to the next level.
RevXM  +   1384d ago
Well obviously the ps4 wont be a jump like ps3 was since ps3 is about 40 times as powerful as the ps2.
Current high end tech is about 10 times as powerfull as ps3.

We would have to wait at least a another 3 or 4 years for the Ps4 if it is to deliver a similar jump.
Maybe that is what happens, but that would be a awfully long wait in my opinion.

I just hope affordability wont mean that Sony cheap out on some hardware like they have done with ps3(partly ... Ram and gpu downgrade), thinking of Vita it would make sense if Ps4 was top of the line hardware, though very dev friendly, or atleast not anymore complicated than ps3 since there might be a chance that it will still use the Cell architecture. thus making BC possible and with the jump in power softwarte emulation of ps2 titles should be as well.
zero_cool  +   1384d ago
Don't be so sure of yourself on that this is sony their always looking on ways to go above & beyond their previous work.
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Chocoboh  +   1384d ago
Where do we go? Hopefuly we have a freaking engine that can crap out RPGs like with the PS1-PS2 era

Shooters are boring and most of them don't have a complex story I can follow(my only exception is MGS series and I luv it)
Apollyn  +   1384d ago
Really good article and tbh is 100% spot on. :)
rmedtx888  +   1384d ago
I four sure cannot afford a nex-gen console right now. I really hope that the current gen will continue to get support for a few more years. Besides, if the graphic/performance improvements are not going to be that significant... I'm not interested. I agree with you Apollyn... this is a very good article.

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