OXM Review: Mass Effect is the Best Game I've ever played

Official Xbox Magazine sings the praises of Mass Effect before rewarding it with a perfect 10. Editor Paul Curthoys writes:

"The experience as a whole - the sense of awe that lasts all game long, and the emotions in your gut as you sit back at the end and just gape - pays off all on its own. Personally, it's the best game I've ever played, but even if you're not a hardcore sci-fi nerd like me, Mass Effect is a transcendent experience, the new standard-setter for what a game can be. You have to play it, and that's why we're kinda jealous of you. Even if you memorized all the previews and trailers, you're still not ready for how awesome this game is."


For any curious people out there, and just to clarify, this review is in the U.S. edition of the Holiday 07 OXM (issue #78).

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Twizlex4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Can't say I'm surprised. This definitely deserves the highest score possible. I expected this game to be awesome, and now I just feel like throwing some "I told you so's" in all the naysayers' faces. What a great time to be a gamer!

Ps3Fanboy7774054d ago

This game looks good graphically, gameplay doesnt. Ill rent it though just so I can have specific things to bash when I come here.

I already know that the power weapon pop up menu will be annoying as ..... Me :O

TheMART4054d ago

Maybe it means something to you that...

It already got a 9.75 review from Game Informer?

Twizlex4054d ago

The "power weapon pop up" is no different than any other menu system that accompanies pretty much every other RPG in existence. There are quick slots, and you CAN play this game without using that menu, if you should feel so inclined. If it bothers you and you just don't care about all of the special skills you can use, just play it like a shooter and miss out on half the fun. It won't bother me if you don't understand and appreciate what makes RPG's so great.

Evil0Angel4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

the only good gam is Eye of Judgment(i think you donot like it since it needs brain in order to play it and an ignornt,idiot fanboy like u donot have one)
while 360 enjoyed amazing line up of almost perfect score for 5 games (bioshock,Halo3,masseffect,ora nge box,COD-) what did yor gay-station-3 get ?

oh donot tell me about your AAAAAA line-up caz it sucks and here is why:
Havenly Swored:(played full game) it sucks, another i wanna mix of mini-games/timing where you only have to hit as instrected in the screen ect..ect..( 5Hs of gameplay only possible with the power of BR+Cell,they were about to fill 25GB BR disc wooo and only 5Hrs of gameplay)

R&C:(played the demo)you do not have to aim ,just shoot (even if you donot hit the enemies just shoot near them )they wil die.i know it fun gam but that really suck.

MotorStorm(played full game)nice looking game ,good gameplay but nothing special.what i hate the most about it the fact i cannot play it with my mates when they come to my house caz it do not support split-screen.

Ressistance:(played the demo)cheap kncok off. i donot know how they were comparing it to gears of just suckssssss.

Uncharted(demo):fairly good game but nothing special,go and pick any tombraider game and you set.this game was must buy for me till i played the demo.


i think UT3 is the only true AAAAAA game in PS3,it eveantuly comin to 360,,but i am not going to wait .i will buy it as soon as it comes out but no one knows when it comin outyet.

non of the above got average of 90% or over in reviews..nuff said
============================= =====
when i get my copy of Mass Effect my PS3 will collect the dust for a while
back to the topic

everyone,if u have 360 u have amzing conaole(best games). u do not need to spend 500$ in a nockoff caz it got nothing in 360
my GOTY is either Bioshock / Mass effect

Gamespot-equals-EGM4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

The guy even admits he's a hardcore sci-fi nerd, what more do you want? I'm sick of this 'greatest game ever' sh!t. People said the same thing about Bioshock but you know, there are a lot of people who could care less about first person games. In other words, I'm saying only hardcore gamers really care about first-person games.

List of first-person games people have said where 'the greatest game ever' yet only hardcore gamers really cared about them.

-Half-life 1/2 ==> first-person yet only appreciated by the hardcore
-Bioshock =======> first-person yet only appreciated by the hardcore
-Halo 1/2/3 =====> first-person yet only appreciated by the hardcore (that is if you minus the copious amount of marketing Halo 3 had)
-Mass Effect ====> first-person yet only appreciated by the hardcore

Notice a trend here? You should. Most gamers (aka the non-hardcore gamers) don't care about first person games.

Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Zelda, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Gears of War, God of War =====> NOT first person games

Twizlex4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Too bad you put your foot in your mouth, idiot. Mass Effect is NOT first-person. If you knew anything at all, saw any pictures or videos of gameplay, you should at least know that. So by your definition, Mass Effect DOES deserve to be a "greatest game ever" because it's not first-person.

Edit: Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Too-Long-Name. What exactly was the point of your post? Here I thought you were trying to make a point, but apparently you were just typing for no reason. In the future, I will not bother reading what you type since it is obviously pointless.

The only time Mass Effect resembles a first-person shooter AT ALL is when you zoom in with a sniper rifle, just like Gears of War - NOT A FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER. I thought you only had problems with your stupid brain, but you apparently have problems with your eyes, too. So considering your handicaps, I guess it's only right that I apologize for being mean to you. I will send you some flowers.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4054d ago

Hey twizzled!ck, you don't think I've seen gameplay footage? In all the gameplay footage I've seen it looks like a first-person game ( But the internet network I'm currently on is sh!t slow so I will have to wait until I get home to see if I'm right or wrong (I'm pretty sure I'm right).

BTW, dumbsh!t, when did I give a definition of a 'greatest game ever'? Point that out to me genius. Ummm....I mean dumbfvck.

ParaDise_LosT4054d ago

Excuse me sir, But we're you dropped on the head as a baby?
Are your parents brother and sister by any chance?
or is it a combination of both?
Ohh godness, Thank you, you gave me a good laugh.

JsonHenry4054d ago

I really want this game... but something in my stomach is telling me not to hold my breath.

But knowing that they are responsible for KoToR does give me a LOT of high hope that it is everything KoToR was and more.

gaffyh4054d ago

I'm just going to say the is so surprising (sarcasm), obviously the Official Xbox Magazine is going to say Mass Effect is the best Game ever, seen as Halo 3 is already out Mass Effect is the next game Microsoft are hyping up.

OXM/OPM scores and reviews should not be posted they are too biased to their consoles.

TheMART4053d ago

It doesn't matter who reviews Mass Effect.

It'll get 10's or close from every reviewer. So biased or not. AAA over 95% average reviewed game for the 360 AGAIN!

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Brian52474054d ago

I'm sorry, but game hype is getting out of hand. I'm sure Mass Effect is great, but saying its the best game ever is just ludicrous.

Lex Luthor4054d ago

It's the best game HE has ever played, learn to read you dumb tard.

Twizlex4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Well, there's got to be some game that you consider to be the best game you've ever played, and if it so happens to be a game that is just now coming out, why is that so unbelievable?

Edit @segasage: You may be onto something there, ha ha ha! I try to just let people have their opinions, no matter how off-base they are, but some people just can't seem to avoid being a douche.

segasage4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Once a Troll, a troll is a troll. While trolling, a troll will never and most likely dismiss an independent gamers, own emotions & opinions about a certain game,(this being "ME" not on PS3) they have no interest in.

For they are always right, "you do not deserve to enjoy or claim any game as your favorite, if it does NOT reside on a certain Box"

Another "AAA" title on the way. The perfect storm lost some punch (-GTA4) but is more ferocious then ever. MS will have a clean sweep for GOTY contenders...

FirstknighT4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Was their any doubt that this game was going to be great??? It's freaking Bioware. Mass Effect is still my choice for GOTY.

Read the prequel book!!!!

resistance1004054d ago

Providing other big reviewers such as IGN and CVG praise it well this will be a must buy for me.

I haven't been 100% convinced by it through its development stages, but looks like it has all come together well and will give my 360 plenty of use.

AnalFace4054d ago

I'm buying this... it seems bloody good!