1up Preview: Pain

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Pain besides the monkey spanking, flopping bodies, fart jokes, etc. is that it seems to be a game that relies very much on building upon the game's foundation, be it from the player or SCEA. There is a finite set of rules, and the player then lets loose within the parameters in order to essentially create their own experience (to a degree).

And the developer plans to continually add content to the game. Pain will initially "ship" with a handful of multiplayer modes, allowing you to challenge up to four friends in how well you can cause, well, pain.

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Zarfoz4056d ago

This game may turn out really good with famous game characters and other stuff in it related to PlayStation.

GIJeff4056d ago

look like good fun, i cant wait.

Danja4056d ago

I second that....looks like good fun..!!

QuackPot4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

* running of the bulls


* pull the tail of the tiger


* taunt the giant Ape.

lmao. The Potential is huge and should be a lot of fun. I mean running away from a tiger that is pi55ed after you just pulled its tail. he,he,he. lol.

Have to wait for Pain 2....or 2 much Pain.

doomsonyman4056d ago

i think it is plane as day as you can see the playstation network has the best and most innovative online downloadable games

Zarfoz4056d ago

Yes indeed, and I love it. :-)

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