To Wii or not to Wii

CNN Money on November 9, 2007:

"Nintendo's innovative game system was a hit with consumers but how long will the stock continue to ride the Wii wave?"

CNN Money analyzes Nintendo's strategy and prospect, and projects if Wii's popularity will continue. The article includes comments from market analysts as well as a hardcore gamer (Robert Summa, chief of the Global Gaming League) who criticizes Nintendo's approach to gaming.

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Bubble Buddy4056d ago

well if other people love it good for them. i prefer my ps3 but i really want Brawl =(

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unsunghero284055d ago

"Summa points out that Nintendo's handheld device, the DS, was successful because it offered games for casual players. But the Wii is significantly more expensive than the DS and Summa thinks that the average consumer will not be willing to spend the extra money."

Whoops! Looks like he spoke too soon!

Or should I say, looks like he hasn't been reading any NPD numbers since that faithful November day not even a year ago...

TruthbeTold4055d ago

Buy the stock if you think the company's value will go up, buy the system if you like what it offers.

As for Wii's collecting dust. Mine isn't and none of my friends are either. Believe the anti-Wii hype if you want to though. As for selling them? You can walk into ANY Gamestop and find used PS3's and XBOX 360's, but it would be a miracle to find a used Wii. Why do people try and pretend it's the opposite? It's just silly and pathetic.

akaFullMetal4055d ago

well you really have to see that most sales of wii's or big chunk are going to be parents buying the wii for there kids, so parents wont trade them in, but in any case, i would pick a wii up for brawl, and mariokart, but thats about it, so i'll wait till the wii is a reasonable price to buy it, cause i mean 250 bucks for something the gamecube can play, like the new zelda game, i mean so your saying your paying the differnce of a game cube and wii, just for the remote almost??? and also why isnt there a dvd player on the wii, it uses dvd's???

TruthbeTold4055d ago

Of course the Gamecube can play Zelda Twilight Princess, it was originally developed for that system. Even so, the Wii version looks much better and has some fun motion controls. As for why there isn't a dvd player in the Wii, who needs a dvd player at this point? Just about everyone owns one who wants one. If the Wii had included a dvd player then Sony and Microsoft fans would talk crap about that since Blu ray and HD DVD are superior formats. Bottom line regarding the Wii is either you love it or you hate it. Alot of people love it, and alot of people hate it. I just wish the haters would move on with their lives and their choices instead of trying to look down on others for theirs. By the way, I'm not a parent, and I haven't sold my Wii. A very wide range of people own the Wii, it's not just parents and kids. Gaming isn't all about First person shooters and racing games. No matter how much the overly vocal fans of those genres may think so.

Niclas4055d ago

You can get alot used wii's where i live lol.. just look in the papers

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