Silent Hill: Origins Review

Can Origins work on a PSP with such a small screen? Does hiding under the bed with headphones make a difference? Did Climax pull it off, or has the Silent Hill franchise ended with Team Silent's disbanding?

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KidMakeshift4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Plus, I'm getting tired of having to go the same hospital and fighting the same nurses. The series needs a total overhaul, which unfortunately, Silent Hill 5 isn't trying to do.

Also, I don't like the stupid little girls wicked dream realm that Silent Hill is suppose to be. That's just dumb... like John Smith dumb. I've always thought of Silent Hill as being a form of purgatory that resides in certain places in the world, and that it's basically a shadow of where ever it's residing. It's a place where those who have unfinished ties or simply won't truly decease.

All, I'm saying is that Silent Hill needs to expand outside of the town and think every fan of the series feels the same way.

akaFullMetal4023d ago

seems like a good game, guess ill have to pick it up ;)