Blu-ray, HD DVD Wars: Why Consumers Are Caught in the Middle

CNBC's Jim Goldman on November 9, 2007:

"So a week has passed since my first post on the drama surrounding the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray next generation format war. Hundreds of emails, though the pro Blu-ray, anti-Jim emails outnumbered the HD DVD side by better than ten to one. Not sure what message that sends, but maybe I angered the Blu-ray folks more than I satisfied the HD folks."

Goldman reemphasizes that he doesn't pick side and writes about how the consumer will continue to be caught in the middle of the format war.

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tonsoffun4052d ago

Why are we caught in the middle of the constant stream of HD-DVD vs Blu-ray nonsense?

Danja4052d ago

LOL..good one...well i'll tell yah why..cuz they only want hits...

and Blu Ray vs HD-DVD tend to get alot of hits....

bym051d4052d ago

I agree. It has little if nothing to do with gaming.

Note: CNBC is owned by NBC, which also owns Universal Studios, a partner of HDDVD.

ruibing4052d ago

Does CNBC have anything to do with MSNBC (which is owned by MS)?

bym051d4052d ago

CNBC is a part of NBC, which partners with MS for web content.

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GIJeff4052d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

is why CONSUMERS AKA YOU AND ME would want an inferior product(HDDVD) to win. People, please, for the love of electronics and moving farward, support Blu-Ray. The specs are far better. Dont give me the "its cheaper to make hd dvd" BS, the prices will come down for either format when it wins. I dont want to be forced to accept the less capacity format, it just doesnt make any sence. Forget the MS vs Sony crap for one minute, i dont care if you like xbox, for the love of god PLEASE choose the supperior format damnit.

@ people below:
No matter which format comes out on top, the price will drop just like dvd players did. Sony isnt the only one selling them you know...and if it became standard, then everyone would start making them, and cheaper and cheaper. Hell, walmart could sell Blu-Ray players for $98 bucks if they had a cheap brand to make them...but the cheap brands arnt ready to pick sides, because the people are confused. Its a storage medium with more than fast enough transfer speeds, picture in picture, 100+gigabyte disks, uncompressed theater audio, 1080p, nothing has to be compressed or dumbed down. Its perfect for this generation. Next generation (10 more years) will feature all of hollywood on a server, and we just connect to the server and watch whatever the hell we want to, we wont even have to store the content locally. But that day isnt entirely here yet, so get the best for now, get blu-ray.

randomGuyOnline4052d ago

I for one don't care for hd-dvd. The only reason I support Bluray is because of the greater storage space on the discs. It makes sense that the dvd's successor should have the most possible amount of space. As for movies, well the Bluray specs have just been updated to match hd-dvd, so in my mind bluray is gaining ground on hd-dvd. Well, when it comes to PQ and features, that is, and thats all I really care about. Bluray is improving each day so I hope that it can hold it's ground and make a successful jump into the PC market.

tonsoffun4052d ago

Wasn't the PS2 technically the most inferior platform of the previous generation?

so by your line of thinking, we all should not have supported it?

I by HD movies I like, regardless of the platform and until one format becomes the 'winner' I will then buy a standalone player for it, but until then, my PS3 and add HD-DVD drive will do me fine.

Consumers care not for which platform is technically superior, they only want all their movies on one platform: until this happens, there will be a format war.

jaja14344052d ago

Because its cheaper. You can yell and scream all day long that it will one day be just as inexpensive as DVD's are. But that day is not today and until that day arrives I will not pay extra money for a bit more space.

Because sorry but extra space is the only place were BR are better than HD. So aside from that it is far from the "inferior product" that you claim it is.

And thats great and all that you want to have the very best of the two but do you realize that pretty much everything you, I, everyone owns in this world is the least expensive. The best almost never wins because the best is to dam expensive.

So while I can certainly see why you would want BR to win, the simple fact is that the cost that you so happily like to dismiss is the most important thing, not disc size or specs, cost.

Close_Second4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

...Blu-Ray is so superior to HD-DVD?

I'm not interested in who supports one format or the other but the only difference I can see between the two is storage capacity.

You also keep saying that consumers should chose the superior format...well, I consider digital distribution (DD) to be superior to any physical disc media in terms of movie distribution. Thanks to all this dispute over HD disc formats DD will gain momentum sooner rather than later.

<< Hit disagree, at least have the oo to say why >>

@tonsoffun: Ok, bandwidth is becoming less and less of a problem. There is even news of the current copper wire networks being able to support a sustained 100Mbps without going to ADSL2. Regardless if it takes 5 years or 10 years, bandwidth issues will be sorted out. Hell, it wasn't that long ago we we're all on dial-up...

In terms of file sizes, heck, give it 3-4 years and Terrabyte HDDs will be available for mass consumption. Half terrabyte HDDs are not uncommon so really, storage is not going to be an issue either in the future. I for one would rather have my movies on HDD than having to find storage space for the 300+ DVD movies I used to own. Heck, my house used to look more like the local video store as I had all the cases up on shelves around the house. What a pointless waste of space...

DD has taken the music industry by storm just like it will other types of digital media in the future. I for one love being able to stream digital content via my 360 onto my TV. I just select from the current list of movies I want to watch and hit play.

tonsoffun4052d ago

I personally don't think the DD is the way to go.

First off, an hd movie in 1080p would take up at least the size of an HD-DVD - so lets say 15 gigs or thereabout - where exactly am I going to store my movie collection? I like the idea of having a physical box in my collection.

Then there is the entire problem with bandwidth - just how long would it take to download such a big file? Most broadband providers here have a monthly cap on the amount you download, so what exactly happens if you want to download more than one movie per month/week?

speakthetruth4052d ago

How is it technically not superior?

HD-DVD movies are great, I can attest to that.

I'm sure Blu-ray is good too. But, i'm not paying $399 for one when an HD-DVD player next to it is $98.

Blu-ray's only argument is "storage space", when truthfully 30GB HD-DVD is plenty for HD quality movies.

50GB discs scream "porno storage" on one disc. So there goes you attach rates. One disc per porno downloader, unless you've got over 50GB of porno. That would be excessive for any individual.

randomGuyOnline4052d ago

The movie data itself is a lot smaller when it's alone. Compression also helps in regard to size.

I do agree that DD is nowhere near being realized. Not everyone has DSL and not everyone likes to have things in digital form. Some people like to have there movies physically with them. That way they don't have to take there whole PC or whatever, when they go on trips or to a friends house. Physical Media IMO, will be going nowhere anytime soon. I don't believe that DD is ready yet, but as for the future I don't know.

Close_Second4052d ago

...10 years ago nobody would have thought dd for music would be a good thing. But now look at it, you can buy 120gb IPods that can store over a months worth of music in your pocket.

Stand alone media HDD units for the home are becoming more and more common. Basically its a high capacity HDD unit that has wireless capability and it also consumes heaps less energy than a PC when in use. I much prefer this over having physical discs all over the place.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, unless there is a major shift in the way things are heading, DD for movies will become a reality in the future. Obvisouly we're not there yet but give it 5-10 years and we will be.

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Danja4052d ago

....Kool name dude..!!!..HAHAHA...

Grassroots4052d ago

Both of his stories are just really lame journalism. He needs to do his own research instead of reading other headlines, and from the hate mail, or love mail from both sides. I understand what he's trying to say but it's just poorly done!

HarryEtTubMan4052d ago

My brothers just bought a new PS3 and are bringing it home right now!!! YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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