Playstation Heist In Belgium

Kotaku writes: "Kotakuite Bargo sends in this little story from Belgium via De Standaard Online. Thankfully he translated because I couldn't read a word of the original source myself. Apparently, two thieves entered a warehouse with automatic weapons and tied up the warehouse manager. They then proceeded to load a truck with three hundred Playstations which must have been grueling as it is reported that it took them two hours to haul in their purloined booty."

"The estimated cost of the incident rolls in around 150,000 Euros. Ouch! No leads on the robbers or their whereabouts, but fortunately the warehouse manager was unharmed. Looks like the Belgian PS3 black market is about to get very full."

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smirx4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Well, I've always said the PS3 was a "steal". HAHAHAHA!

Bebedora4049d ago

have to give you that...

drsfinest724049d ago

this is like the 4th time i read a big heist of playstation products.o_0..but i dislike robbers... its soo unfair and wrong for them to be doing this. its just that in life...everyone is born with the capability of taking someone elses life away..

snoop_dizzle4048d ago

they have made movies out of casino heists, the oceans series, why not they make a movie about the ps3 heist with an allstar cast?

solar4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

idiots, 40% of those arent going to work. ::rolleyes::

edit: and lmao!! what does that robber have in that picture? looks like a facet or plumbing of some matter....

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